The rest of the weekend revisited..

So, Friday.. Yes, Friday.. La la la.. Friday was the eve of mine, Zascha and Tina’s birthday party at the Student House.. And what an evening it was, for us and our 40-some closest friends and relatives.. Good fucking times!

We showed up at around 5 PM, getting the place ready for people to move in, bringing up bean bag chairs, lightning candles and stocking the fridges with about six cases of beers we’d brought for our guests. After some running around and getting things ready, we ordered a bunch of pizzas and had some food to get our stomachs ready for an evening of partying hard! After  a short while people started showing up and getting their drink and talk on.. And not only that, they all came bearing gifts.. Really, really nice gifts.. I recieved everything from kinder eggs over beers to red wines, Captain Morgan rum and schnapps.. People must think I like to drink.. I even received a bunch of quite outrageous gifts such as chicken sausages and pie crust.. Thank you, Dunkel and friends!

I  spend a lot of time talking to Zascha’s brother, Zeb, and her cousin, Daniel. Really decent guys with a fucked up sense of humor to match mine.. There were a lot of crazy ass ideas, a lot of laughter and some really weird looks from other people in the crowd.

I also got to see Mette again for the first time in ages which was both nice and amusing, especially when Penny suggested I drank her under the table.. Good times! I also ran into Robert, Dunkel, Iben, Under and others and had a great load of fun with them, and quite a few drinks as well!

Highlights of the evening included:

  • Locking myself along with Mette and Tine into a room downstairs and singing Danish schlagers on the top of our lungs.
  • Drinking schnapps with Dunkel, Zeb, Robert, Penny and others – getting entirely wasted in the process.
  • Snapping pictures of Zascha’s cleavage all whilst trying to explain to her long, lost friend, Hannah, that this was entirely normal behavior on our behalf.
  • Rolling into a fit of mock panic anxiety along with Jakob in the middle of a crowded room, entirely killing the conversation in the room.
  • Schniger’s reaction to my pony tail and his subsequent reaction to Iben pimping up my hair further with shimmer, hot pink hair bands and butterfly jewelery.
  • Daniel heading for a late night pizza slice with Einar and somehow ending up at a teeny bopper club, but eventually making it home carrying a book he found somewhere, seeming utterly confused.
  • Robert’s frustrated, tearful and eventually violent reaction to not being allowed to listen to German Schlagers full blast.

I think I maybe spend a little too much time talking to a certain few selected people and a little too little time mingling and talking a bit with everybody.. But hey, it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.. All in all it was an awesome night, ending at somewhere around 4 or 5-ish when Morten, Zeb and I staggered back to my place for a couple of hours of sleep.. Good, fucking times!

Saturday was a bit more.. Mellowed out. We rose at somewhere around 8 AM and while the others went home, I went down to the house to clean things up a bit and carry home my presents. I then got started cooking up dinner for Sunday night, waiting for Tina to arrive and help me with the rest. She arrived only about an hour late on roller blades and helped me with the rest of my preparations before we had dinner, wine, drinks and watched a bit of Simpsons.. Both utterly spend from the night before, we decided to call it a night early.. Or did we? Well, I walked her home, and she in turn invited me up for a beer.. We ended up sitting there for a bit, drinking a beer, waiting for me to actually turn 26. When I did, and it didn’t really hurt too bad, we had another beer along with Jakob who had shown up in the meantime..  And the rest, I think, has already been mentioned.. Coming of age is such hard work!


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