“Accio liquor license!”

Is what I would say were I living on the magical world of Mr. Harry Potter. Now, not being quite good at that whole doing magic thing, fetching spells in particular, things are a bit more tricky for me.

After staying up pretty late with Christian, drinking beers and fine spirits, I was lucky enough to get a call on the next morning from the local police which was as always somewhat of a scary experience, even if you’ve nothing to hide. Either way, I calmed down a bit when it turned out that the familiar voice on the other end simply wanted to make an inquiry about our application for a liquor license for the Student House. Apparently nobody had bothered to inform the board of health and foodstuffs that we were planning to set up a business, so the poor police officer was rightfully a bit confused and not quite willing to move on with the application before a formal registration had been made with the above mentioned board.

So by the flick of a switch, Johan finally had something to do! I’ve spend the past two days digging up whatever info I needed, filling out the forms and finally posting them. Let’s hope that’ll do it. Now I can spend the next few days working out which rules and regulations to keep up with and how to keep up with them.. Yay! What we won’t do simply for the sake of being able to sell a few beers.

At least I’ve had something to do. I’ve felt utterly drained the last few days. But hey, I was talking to Zascha the other day and apparently I’m not the only one who is utterly frustrated with this whole summer holiday thing and having nothing to do for days on end. The poor girl was in deep despair after a mere few days of being on the lazy end.. I’m on the verge of voluntarily doing work around the house or something equally unpleasant.

I also still haven’t heard from any part of my dad’s family, or my dad for that matter, as regards my birthday, and I have to admit that it kinda bothers me.. I don’t know if I’m in my right to be upset or if they even deserve that much emotion out of me.. I don’t really expect much, but they could’ve at least wrote me an SMS saying happy birthday. And people still wonder why I put friends over family..


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