So don’t tell me I’ve nothing to do..

Wow, I actually got up and did something today.. Even went so far as to go downtown and do some shopping for wine, fresh veggies, olives and other goodies for dinner Friday, and a bunch of necessities. Dropped by the Student House, too, picking up a backpack that Emelie had forgotten and a bunch of left over beers. Picking up the backpack proved a wise choice as it made dragging my ever growing burden back home a lot easier.. Also picked up an umbrella which apparently has turned out to be Zaschas.. So hey, Z, I have your umbrella! Hope it won’t rain.. Or whatever.. Okay, according to my undergoing MSN conversation with Z, I apparently don’t have her umbrella.. Guess I just scored a free umbrella.. Yay!

I eventually made it home and started working on dinner plans for Friday. For some reason (warning: Johan logic coming up) I figured I’d serve a side order of foccacia  bread, and since foccacia is so gosh darn expensive and I had a lot of time to kill, I figured why not make it myself? It’s one of those things I used to do to save money and kill time when I was unemployed after all. Obviously, it’s been a long time since I was unemployed – three years to be exact – because things didn’t go quite as well as planned. I don’t know if it was due to the whole concept of making double potions, or if it was due to the “mixing bowls are for losers” approach actually requiring some skill and recent experience.. At any rate, if you don’t manage to contain the water and yeast within the flour, things can get hectic quite fast.. And oh, loafs of bread cook a hell of a lot faster at 300 degrees than they do at 50.. In case you were wondering. The end results were good, though.

In the end, though, between walking about aimlessly, shopping foodstuffs, picking up beers and trying not to flood my kitchen, I actually managed to kill enough time to completely forget about dinner which I didn’t have before 8 PM, at which time I decided that the rest of the evening was best spent on the couch.. So, yea, don’t tell me I’ve nothing to do 😉 If I put in just a little more effort, I might actually find out how to spend a whole day, not just a third of a day.


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