“We’re just friends, part IV” and I can still cook! :D

Okay, for those who didn’t understand the Piña Colada reference in the last post, I should probably explain that I’ve actually gotten out lately. Zascha and I went to pick up some stuff from the Student House Thursday and somehow ended up shopping for a new perfume for her.. Once again, we ended up in one of those peculiar situations where the clerk obviously thought that we were dating.. I wonder why, walking around sniffing perfumes together seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do! Right? Okay, maybe not, but I’ve certainly done it with my share of girls.. ‘spose I’m weird like that! I pondered making some reference about Zascha being my sister but decided against it as I actually get quite a laugh out of people thinking that we’re together simply owing to the fact that we get along so well.

Anyways, I can tell that I’ve actually gotten some good out of me and Christian burying our noses in one too many snifter glasses of fine spirits lately.. At any rate I was able to pick up more smells and subtleties from the scents this time around, even when Zascha argued she couldn’t smell a thing.. There, I told you something good would come from spending all that money on expensive spirits! 😉 Anyways, yes, piña coladas.. Well, I was eventually asked for my “expert” opinion in making the decision between a Ralph Lauren perfume smelling overly of coconut (hence the Piña Colada reference) and Issey Miyake’s “L’eau d’Issey” .. Easy choice! As appealing as the idea of a girl smelling like booze from my early youth sounds, Issey Miyake really is in a league of its own.. So Issey it was!

On a weird note, my sister now smells like my ex girlfriend.. Which is just.. Weird! But at least she smells all pretty like. Right, yea.. So not much more to say about Thursday. Zascha and I had a nice afternoon, I went to work, got worn out, tired and depressed, went home, slept it off.. And Friday arrived.

Friday I had Emelie and Christian coming over for dinner as planned a few days back. Owing to my weird mood and sleeping habits, I didn’t get up before around noonish, so I was pretty happy that I had the shopping and stuff out of the  way, especially when Christian announced that he would be arriving at 3:25 PM for a beer and to supervise the cooking process.

Christian has got some sort of inflammation thing going in his knees following a hiking trip to Norway gone wrong, so I offered to pick him up at the station and help carry his bag back to my place. Apparently the poor boy is on heavy duty pain killers and therefor could only have a few drinks with me. A minor setback, but probably good for our bodies as it was. Anyways, we arrived back home and had a beer which – in a completely unprecedented move – we sat down and sipped for about an hour while listening to a bit of mellow metal and talking a bit.

At about 5-ish, we moved poor Christian into a chair in the kitchen where he could sit around and supervise my attempts of cooking dinner. I was a bit apprehensive about the whole cooking thing after my “disastrous” birthday dinner which only turned out about half as good as I’d hoped for and really offered a blow to my self-esteem. Either way, things went along a hell of a lot more smoothly this time, probably owing to an entirely different stress level. I fried up some aubergines in a load of olive oil, salt pepper, fresh chilies and garlic, then added a bunch of scolded, skinned, coarsely chopped tomatoes and a couple of handfuls of pitted black olives. (pitting olives is such a mess, btw!) Emelie being a vegetarian, I resisted our urge to add a side of bacon or two, and settled for only adding a bunch of ricotta cheese and some freshly grated Parmesan.. The result was still nice and fatty and satisfactory, though. When Emelie arrived, we cooked up a bunch of A grade pasta I’d gotten from my mom, added it to the mix along with some of the cooking water, a healthy dash of extra virgin olive oil and about half my basil plant.. Good times!

There was some discussion as to whether or not I’d made enough food. I definitely thought I had, Emelie didn’t think so at all and Christian was somewhere in between. As it turned out, I’d just about made enough, with about a 1/3 serving left  when we finished. A fact I found somewhat impressive as I’d made enough to serve about five people and there were but three of us.. I can never seem to cook enough food.. Hmm.

After dinner, we finished up the awesome blush wine I’d gotten recommended, sipped a few beers, some French coffee and just hung out and chatted for a while before the youngsters caved in to tiredness and caught a cab home. On their way out, I managed to catch a compliment from Emelie regarding my choice in music which I found quite humorous as I’d been playing metal and hard rock all night.. I knew I’d eventually knock some musical sense into her.. Good girl!

Owing to my weird sleeping habits, or lack thereof, I ended up sitting up till 6 AM, doing random stuff on the computer and watching TV before tiredness took over and I managed to fall asleep.. I gotta do something about this whole sleep thing one of these days!


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