Man, there’s A LOT of weird shit on Wikipedia.. And once you start browsing articles, it’s kinda hard to stop.. A fact which somehow let me on a two day tour de force of modern day psychopaths. It all started somewhat innocently with me being insanely hung over and watching some crap show called “The Scariest Places on Earth” or something to that effect. To give you an idea of how bad this show was, they had Linda Blair as both host and creative consultant. Yup, play the role of possessed adolescent and suddenly you’re an expert on the paranormal! Anyways, they were doing this segment on our old friend Aleister Crowley, the so-called wickedest man on Earth, and his Thelema Abbey.

Of course, being a long time heavy metal fan, you can’t help but know a bit about Miiiister Crowleeeey and posessing a fair interest in the occult, I’ve actually read some of his ramblings.. And I couldn’t help but think that the crap they were spewing on TV made absolutely no sense. Granted, Crowley was a bit of a nutter – a mystic, an eccentric (and a heroin fiend, I might add, dwelling in all sorts of magic and mystic rituals.. But hey, this show was making his “abbey” (an abandoned villa in Sicily) into a wretched haunted place, a site of weird satanic rituals, animal sacrifices, blood letting and what have you.. And Aleister himself into a cult leader who may or may not have participated in the drowning of several small children as part of whatever rituals he underwent.. Right, okay! That makes sense.. Admittedly, for much of his life, Crowley’s motto was “Do what thou willt shall be the whole of the law,” but if his will involved the sacrifice of numerous critters and small children, I’m pretty sure someone would have objected.. Thank you, Linda Blair, you’re doing some excellent research here!

Either way, the point of this whole rant was that the show actually got me looking into Crowley’s Wikipedia articles to brush up on some somewhat more reliable facts about this persona, and that’s when I saw a strange pattern start to emerge. Upon reading his main article, I was in one quick jump transfered to that of Charles Manson and from there onwards through a few jumps to Josef Mengele (aka The Angel of Death), the Nazi doctor infamous for his “research” on KZ camp prisoners during the Holocaust.. “What’d you do today, Josef? Kill 300 people? Oh gosh, really, wow, you must’ve gotten up very early in the morning!” – The list goes on..

From Mengele, there was a pretty logic jump to Slayer, those lovely Californian boys who aren’t really evil, but who still harvested a fair bit of criticism for their song “Angel of Death” which describes some of Mengele’s more.. interesting experiments. And of course from Slayer it was but a short jump to our Norwegian friends Varg Vikernes, Dead, Mayhem and onwards.. Who knows where the trail may end?

Feeling a little weirded out that I’d spend two perfectly good, sunny days inside studying pages on the occult and various psychopaths and oddballs of the 20th century. I decided to call it quits.. Quite interesting, though. My thesis now is that just like in the case of the Oracle of Bacon (where Hollywood actors or actresses are linked to Kevin Bacon throug a maximum of six links, it seems more than possible to connect any two 20th century weirdoes through just a few Wikipedia jumps.

Yes, I really am running out of ways to keep myself entertained! But like I said, I got to spend two perfectly good, sunny days sitting bordered up inside sulking over pure evil.. I feel so very metal! 😉 And I know fully well that this is indeed a very odd post!


2 responses to “WickedPedia?

  1. I like your suggestions.

  2. Thanks! I’m glad you do! I honestly didn’t think anybody would 😉

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