“Wait.. Are you.. Drunk?!”

Was the question posed to me by Zascha when I (finally) showed up at her place this afternoon. Reeling slightly from side to side and supporting myself on the door frame, I wholeheartedly denied the allegations – then belched loudly, revealing a not too faint stench of liquor on my breath.. Really, if a guy can’t get drunk on a quiet, boring Wednesday evening, then what has the world come to? It’s not really like I had anything to do on Thursday.. Well, except apparently helping Zascha take care of a few things.. But in my defense, I didn’t know about that until noon Thursday where she spend a good hour trying to wake me from my slumber and get me to join her for a few hours.

Anyways, yes, down to Zascha’s I went, trying my best to act all normal and sober like. A cover which was blown in about five seconds and disintegrated further as we moved outside and I started muttering incoherently, bumping into random objects and generally not making sense.

The goal of the day was to obtain a temporary liquor license for our summer intro party at uni, so down there we went to pick up an application form and see if more work needed to be done. While there, we ran into Arne, our friendly neighborhood janitor, whom we’ve always gotten along with extremely well. We chatted a bit and Arne was rather sad to hear that unlike me, Zascha would not be returning to uni after the summer holidays. When he furthermore heard that she’s got an interview coming up for a job in Brussels, he quickly asked if she thought she’d be able to live without me.. Which spawned a few laughs, my usual explanation of how we, contrary to popular belief, are in fact not dating and a sweet, lovely comment from Zascha about how she’d be fine since I was only good for my cooking anyways.. See, it’s moments like these that remind me why I love this girl so much! 😉 In the end, I don’t think he really believed us, as he kept making cheeky comments. But hey, whatever, we’re pretty much used to this by now.

After talking to Arne for a while and trying to assure him that the only thing we share is a couple of pants(?), not a bed, the morning paper or anything else, we moved on. I hadn’t had breakfast or anything, so I was well up for Zascha’s suggestion of getting a quick bite to eat before she had to go to the gym. There was some talk about sandwiches and stuff, but since we have no good sandwich shops in Kolding, the idea was abandoned in favor of more pondering before I eventually once again ended up confessing my undying love for the girl when out of the blue she suggested nachos! Really! Tired, hungry, hung over, or still drunk.. Whatever! What could be more perfect than nachos? Mmm.. Nachos!

Since we have some form of aversion for most cafes in town, we ended up trying out a new place which proved a good idea as we ended up at a nice, little table outside in the sun with a pitcher of ice water and a more than shareable serving of nachos for only DKK 69 ($10-ish) .. We actually honestly couldn’t finish it between the two of us, and Lord knows that I, especially, eat a LOT! Yup, I definitely think we’ll be coming back there some day! Service was good, friendly and fast, too.. Good times! Well, mostly good times – by this time I was really starting to feel the effect of last night’s binge, so I was kinda loopy headed as we made our way back home and was more than happy that I wasn’t the one heading for a workout.. On the other hand, I was the one heading to work that evening, so the next couple of hours were spend on the couch in preparation for what was to happen.

Work turned out to be exactly as dreadful as I had feared, but who am I to complain when I brought it on myself. There was really nothing to do but take it slow and get through the evening by means of coffee and snacks.. And look and behold, I managed once again to get through a working day.. Yay!


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