Serenity painted death

Is a song by Opeth which I somehow got to think about following the events of today.

Given the limited number of activities I participate in these days, I’m kinda befuddled by the number of weird experiences I can get myself into.. Take today for example. It’s not like I had a lot to do. Actually, I chose to sleep in for a change, given that I hadn’t really slept last night.

Oh well, when I finally got up, I decided to go down to the Student House to put my signature on a form which needed it. So I’m down there for a total of maybe 5 minutes, locating the form and signing it. When I stepped back outside, I noticed that in the mean time some poor soul had literally dropped dead in our parking lot!! Or well, I can’t really be the one to say if he was really dead and all, but I couldn’t really walk on over and ask him.. But I’m quite sure people don’t just fall over on their backs with their limbs extended in front of them and a distinct lack of breath unless they really mean business.

I pondered staying and seeing if there was anything I could do.. But really, he’d dropped right at the bus station with people already calling emergency services and keeping an eye on him. So quite honestly, I felt he had enough curious eyes on him already and as I myself hate people who stand around staring in such cases (“Give us this day our daily death”), I moved on. Some 15 minutes later, I heard sirens in the distance so apparently the paramedics were in no rush to help the poor guy.. Another bad sign, no?

Incidentally, this is (would be?) the third time in like a year I’ve come across a dead body on my way home. How’s that for creepy statistics? What is probably more creepy is the fact that I’ve stopped really caring.. Or well, that’s not true. Of course it’s a  bit of a shock to witness the things that I did today.. It just doesn’t move me anymore. I suppose it’s a little weird to be desensitized to a thing like death. But death is part of life, right? And it’s not like I knew this guy. May God rest his soul, though.


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