Thank God for hot water

You know, you really never learn to appreciate those little things in life before you don’t have access to them anymore.. Take hot water for example. So, weird as I felt being back home on my own after a week of socializing with friends, I was thrilled about one simple fact: A hot water supply! See, we did not only lose power during our stay a Zascha’s parents’ house, we also managed to lose our hot water supply on Wednesday morning.. Meaning that not only did most of us lose interest in showering on a daily basis, but also that when we did shower, it felt less like a shower and more like Chinese water torture!

Anyways, hot showers good, lazy Sundays good! I’ve been doing absolutely nothing today. Or well, that’s not true, did go down to Zascha’s ex-apartment to be to look for a few things and retrieve her cable modem and some other stuff.. And I did shop for bread and cold cuts.. But that’s really about it. I think people were right in questioning my sobriety yesterday because I did most certainly feel hung over today. While I was downtown, I actually ran into Louise and her boyfriend, Karsten, who actually, despite having entertained guest all night actually looked more alive and kicking than I did.. Very well done!

I suppose I shall now go back to my activity of laying on the couch, semi-sleeping and watching various shows. I haven’t even really felt like eating today which scares me a bit, honestly, maybe I OD’ed on food in Juelsminde? Que?


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