Taking care of beeznizz

Today actually started a little earlier than expected when Zascha called me at 5:35 AM from the airport to brag about her first class privileges.. Apparently the EU people are flying her down there first class, and she just had to mention 😉 She seemed a bit surprised that I was actually asleep which is reasonable, I suppose, as I might as well not have been.. And I had set my alarm clock to go off at 6 AM anyways so I could wish her a safe trip.. She just happened to beat me in the calling game.. Spending too much time together? I think not!

After some extra sleep, I set out to take care of the important tasks of the day. Namely turning in Zascha’s cable modem, which proved surprisingly easy, and turning in her uni keys – which proved surprisingly hard. After trying for some time to convince people that I wasn’t trying to rip them off by returning a key to their offices, I finally manage to return the key and then headed downstairs to the information to start my struggle to get her DKK 100 deposit on the key back.. Which took me a good 15 minutes most of which were spend trying to flag down an office worker and get her to stay in one place long enough for me to explain what was going on. After that it was a pretty simple matter of showing her a written permission slip from Zascha, signing for the key and confirming my identity.. Eeeeeasy money!

While down there, I ran into our old friend, Arne the janitor, who was in the process of making noise and accidentally cutting the power supply to the lower levels. So, Zascha, Arne says “Hi!” and “Best of luck!” and speculates that we’ll probably never see you again, I hope you prove him wrong!

So, after that confusing trip, I decided I’d probably better go buy some necessities for lunch and dinner.. Actually, make that breakfast and dinner. I’m still not eating right or feeling well, so I’d postponed breakfast to whenever I got back from uni, which turned out to be around 2:30 PM.

While eating I checked my email and found a message from Jonas Granlie, a research assistant at uni who had offered me a relevant part time job which I’d accepted. He’d forwarded me some more info and some documents to read up on. Apparently I’m going to be working on www.vimu.info – creating electronic topic maps from mind maps and notes supplied by researchers. The ultimate goal is apparently to create a virtual museum detailing the history of the Danish/German border region. It all sounds very interesting. But the introduction documents were a little hard to grasp especially since I’m speculating I might be heading downhill towards a case of the sickness.. I’m REALLY not feeling too hot.. So after a couple of hours of reading through the stuff, I flicked on the TV and crashed on the couch.

I do feel better now after a few hours, but it seems that whenever I do try to convince myself to eat a bit, I go instantly queasy afterwards.. Which is not good for a food crazy person such as Johan.. Damnit, I want no part of this crap! Suppose I’ll give myself a rest, look over the documents again and just generally try to stay down and not move too much. Could we see a brand new, more responsible Johan in the making?


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