.. Were the words out of Zascha’s mother’s mouth when I spoke to her on the phone today.. Which kinda made me wonder. Not only was this probably the first time I’d personally heard these words out of the mouth of someone over 40.. She’d also uttered them for no apparent reason. So, yea.. I wondered.. Was Zascha’s dear mother suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome, or if she was just tired of being interrupted by someone on the other line.. I suppose I’ll never know, she didn’t really offer an explanation.

Anyways, the reason why she was calling me up and cussing on the phone was because we had to make some last arrangements about Zascha’s old apartment. Apparently Zascha’s parents are driving down here tomorrow to pick up her last stuff and clean up the place and I’m to come down and meet up with them so we can take care of the last of the formalities.. Should be okay times. I like her parents, it’s interesting to see what good parents can be like, and I also owe her mom some kind of thanks for all the food I’ve been consuming lately.. Coz I mean, not only did she keep us nicely stocked up with supplies while we were at their house last week, she’s also indirectly kept me fed for the last couple of days and more days to come in that I took over Zascha’s truckload of leftovers.. Yum! So, yea, that’s the plan for tomorrow, get down there, take care of things, say thanks, aloha and all that jazz!

Today’s wild adventures? Well, still not feeling Top of the Pops, so been kinda laying low.. Again! Dunkel was here for a while. He was in the neighborhood getting his Nintendo Wii all chipped up and thought he might as well kill the wait by dropping by. After that, there was a two hours meeting at the Student House which I thought went really well as compared to other meetings we’ve had down there. We’re getting somewhere now, but are still struggling with the damn liquor license.

After the meeting, I’d planned to hang out with Tina. For some reason, she’d also planned to go work out for the first time in like.. a year.. Okay, maybe not a year.. Sorry, babe! Anyways, yea, she was going to do her work out thing.. And I figured I’d play a health trip as well, so.. I went down to a local sandwich shop, got a sandwich, called Dunkel and asked if he’d return the favor and let me crash at his place for about an hour, he agreed and I went on down there to join him for a bit of TV and eating lasagna.. I should mention that by now “being healthy” in my book involves not drinking for days on end.. Yea, I should fix that perception!

When Tina had finished her whole work out craze, I went back down to her place and proceeded to act like a total loon (having not really spoken to anybody for three days) and giving her a hard time.. Yea, I’m sweet like that. She retaliated by slapping me repeatedly for comments I’d made over the day and trying to force a few beers into me while we watched Eddie Izzard’s “Glorious!” I think we’re doomed to never get through that show, because while we’re always laughing our asses off at Mr. Izzard’s ramblings, we always at some point or the other break into random weirdness of our own and this particular show is kinda like “you blinked, you missed it” .. which I’m not really sure ties in too well with our attention span of a goldfish kinda minds. We made it further than we ever have tonight, but still not quite to the finish.. Gosh darnit!

Eventually, we did decide to call it an early night, it was a Tuesday after all and Tina was absolutely knackered and since I wasn’t feeling too hot still, either, I decided to play along, get home and post this blog entry.. See, I’m getting better at this frequent update kinda thing!


2 responses to ““OH FUCK!”

  1. that’s only because I told you too since I need to keep up to date 😉

  2. I shudder to admit it.. But yea, pretty much! 😉

    Neh, honestly, it does help keep me motivated with updates. That was pretty much the original purpose of this blog, no? Keeping prodigal friends updated.

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