Whaddaya mean I’m not a morning person?

Wednesday.. The Great Escape.. The great move, I mean! And time for Johan to try to get to terms with getting up early.. Errm, earlier! Namely at 9:00.. 9:30.. Okay, make that 10:00 AM.. I do like me snooze button. Okay, so I wasn’t really up that early, but my agreement with Zascha’s mother read somewhere between 10 AM and 1 PM, and I figured I’m pretty good at getting in the way, so I reckoned 11:30 would be fine.

And so it was at that time I made one of my last trips down to Zascha’s old apartment to meet up with her mom and evidently also her aunt, Joan, to clear out Zascha’s remaining things and clean the place up. First of, having two persons named Joan and Johan, respectively, on 30 square meters is confusing as hell. Secondly, Zascha has some messed up family members! In a good kinda way. Zascha’s mother and I naturally started out piecing together what info we had about Z’s whereabouts and her mood but soon jokes and mock insults were flying left and right. I even got one of those ever so embarrassing “when Z was so-and-so old, she did this and that”mom anecdotes which are usually reserved for proper boyfriends 😉

Having helped pack the car, move things around and do some mild cleaning – well, looking on for the cleaning part mostly, and getting a bit of motherly advice on cleaning agents (I can’t help but think that Z might’ve told her mother about the conditions under which I used to live) – I was horribly abused for my knowledge of the local area and sent to get pizzas for lunch. If I grow fat tomorrow, I’ll hold you personally responsible Mrs. Zascha’s mom!

Anyways, when I returned, I was happy to see that Z’s dad had also showed up along with one of his apprentices to help move some of the heavier stuff and that the number of cuss words and insults had only grown since I departed. Z’s dad is a study of lack of political correctness in himself! And for that fact alone, you’ve got to love him. His first words upon seeing me were: “What the fuck are you doing up at this time in the morning?” (mind you this was at 1 PM), I mumbled something about getting in gear for getting up for classes next week and sat down to eat my pizza, a surprisingly difficult task considering that I had Z’s dad bossing me around, moving things and cursing ever so slightly under his breath.

I eventually ended up caught in a corner behind a desk and a number of chairs, eating pizza with one hand and holding Joan’s jacket with the other – apparently the only job I was seen fit for.. And still Z’s dad has his doubts; apparently I was a little too talkative for a dumbwaiter (in Danish, literally: mute waiter). To this I inquired just how, after spending two years with his daughter, did he expect me to ever keep quiet for very long.. To which no one had a clever reply except laughs and a muttered “Good one!” – Sorry, Z, you know we love you 😀

With the arrival of Z’s dad, things got cleared out pretty quickly and somehow I got put in league with the ladies and helped as much as I could on the cleaning team.. Heck, beats dragging furniture, right? Please say yes! Anyways, we’d soon cleared the place out and it actually looked pretty big with all the shelves, tables and what have you out of there. At about 2 PM, we got ready to lock up and get out of there. Z’s dad, in his usual manner, muttered something and went off on his own way, but I did get a heart-felt thanks and a hug from Z’s mother before they headed off.. Very nice of her! And once again, so long and thanks for all the food!

So, that’s the status of things. Very nearly done with ye big move now. Z’s parents are picking the last few things up from the apartment tomorrow, then dropping the keys in her mailbox for me and I do the last checkups and little things, and come Monday that’s it. The move from Kolding is officially finished.

My next, wild project? Well, there’s this huge intro pubcrawl for new students at uni which I think I’ve mentioned on this blog before. It’s taking place this Friday, we’re doing the last bit of planning tomorrow.. And I’m pretty sure both days will involve at least a few beers. This is my fourth year taking part and this year I’ll actually be manning one of the stops along the route. I’m gonna have to pull something stupid out of my sleeve this time around.  I feel drunken rants coming up.


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