Okay, so I’m not a morning person!

Hmm.. I’ve been forced to realize that Zascha’s dad may have been right.. I’m really not a morning person. At least not when I don’t absolutely have to. I actually tried to get up early this morning.. No, make that early-ish. Regardless, I failed miserably. Clock went off at 9 AM and I blissfully slept on till 11.. What the hell is up with that?

Apparently when I don’t feel well or don’t have a reason to get up, I just don’t.. Despite really wanting to build a normal daily rhythm.. Silly Johan! Bah, anyways, brunch time. I need to get ready to go down to the first opening day of the Uboat this semester. Gotta meet up with Jakob and figure out what we’re gonna do for activities at our post at the Student House as part of the pubcrawl for the new students. Apparently there’s this agreement that things will go a lot easier at the pubcrawl tomorrow if we’re slightly hung over from the day before (i.e. today) .. So that should be fun! I’ve even been told to try and get a hold of Dunkel. I hope we’ll all survive the weekend!


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