You won’t believe the things I’ve seen

Oh wow, I don’t often find myself posting on this blog and forgetting about it, but I honestly didn’t quite remember putting up that comment on Friday morning.. Eh, but oh well, there are probably more things I don’t quite remember about Friday.. ’twas the day of our new students intro pubcrawl after all.. And as the four years before, it was indeed quite a blast.

This time around, I got to man a post rather than walking around with one of the teams, so for once I didn’t get soaked by rain – and for once I didn’t have to take any clothes off. As mentioned, we’d been doing some warming up the night before, both at the Uboat and also at Dunkel’s, so I was more than likely still ever so slightly intoxicated when I woke up – I did feel fine, though, so I donned my suit and hat and made it off to the Student house. Once there, I got things set up and took an inventory. Then went to the (almost) next door supermarket to pick up some much needed supplies (shots glasses and a few bottles of booze).

During the trip, I managed to get quite a few looks from passer-bys, most of whom were wondering about my (cowboy) hat.. Others complimented me on my Johnny Cash t-shirt and a couple of nice old ladies even stopped me to tell me how nice it was to see a young man in a suit.. Bless their hearts! Safely back at the house, I got the last few things ready and settled down to wait for Jakob who showed up at around 1 PM. Rikke and some of her friends were also there and manned the downstairs room while Jakob and I took care of things upstairs. At around 2-ish, things went off and about four hours of madness ensued.

Given the rather enclosed surroundings at the Student House, we’d picked this spot for our traditional “who can make the longest chain of clothes” event. Naturally, this didn’t go down well with the first team who arrived completely sober and didn’t really buy our historically correct explanation of why it only made sense to take off ones clothes given that we were  in an old monastery.. They were however good at being creative in their creation which meant that Jakob and I had to adjust the rules a bit for the next team by, e.g., demanding that people jump out of their clothes before adding it to the chain.

What the first team lacked in involvement, the following teams more than made up for. The next team showed some more skin and when Tina’s team showed up a bit later, things just got downright crazy. For the first time that afternoon, we saw bras in the chain.. Not only one or two, no.. More like seven! Actually, I wish I were only half as good at talking chicks into taking their clothes off as Tina apparently is. Pretty soon we had a bunch of scantly clad young girls running around the house while Jakob and I were busy serving up complimentary Fernet Branca shots  to a couple of blokes in their boxers. In fact so much fun was had by all that we lost track of time and had to shut the door for the next arriving team while the poor girls got their clothes back on.

You’d think that’d be pretty hard to top. And normally you’d be right.. But we had some downright crazy people drop by later that afternoon. The next team brought more full frontal male nudity than you could ever wish to see, at least being Jakob and I, which led to the rather funny incident where Jakob walked around the room, staring fixated at the floor while yelling out that he was not happy to admit it, but this was the most awesome thing he’d ever tried not to look at! And as if that wasn’t enough, they were followed by an all-girl team who..Well.. Uhh.. Yea.. Good times! Let’s just say that there were a lot of bras and panties on the floor and quite a lot of sucking up going on for extra points. One chick even dumbfounded both of us by flashing us and then handing us her panties as a souvenir as she left.. Well done, you actually rendered me speechless!

We also met a team guided by the Uboat All-stars, Dunkel and Einar. Einar, it seemed, didn’t really know where he was by the time they showed up and Dunkel, too, seemed a little spaced out. He made his entrance by running into the bar, taking off all his clothes, throwing me his boxers. To which I pulled the above mentioned panties from my pocket and told him that I liked those better.. Bummer! 😉 Dunkel’s team continued the nude theme, boys and girls alike, but unlike the teams before them, they excelled in not being able to find their clothes when it was time to put them back on. Which made for a rather interesting moment when Dunkel was walking around naked, not knowing where his clothes were.

By now we were having such a good time, that we were hard pressed to get people to leave – many actually wanted to stay and drink with us rather than move on. Which is pretty much what the last team did as they didn’t have to be anywhere before 7. So we split some beers and some booze with them while sitting around chatting. Awesome! When we did finally get them to leave, we went back to uni for dinner, beers and some partying.. Can’t say I enjoyed this part as much as the pubcrawl.  The food was.. fatty.. And while I had a pretty good time chatting to people about the Student House and stuff, I wasn’t really in much of a partying mood. Tina speculated that this had to do with Zascha not being here as always, and she may have been right. At any rate, it finally dropped the ball for her that Zascha was gone which in turn also made her sad which compelled me to try and comfort her.. Long story short, I guess a lot of the new people must think that Tina and I hooked up pretty well that evening simply because we spend so much time holding each other and what not.

I eventually ended up staying the night, having a few more beers and talking to people I know and also quite a few people that I did not know, but who were drawn to me by my love of band shirts. Eventually drunkness set in and all was well in Johan land. I’ve mainly spend today with my eyes closed. I ended up sleeping till 4 PM, then a few more hours on the couch just to be on the safe side. I’ve now been forced back in bed as Emelie has taken over the couch for the night.. But it’s all good, I don’t reckon I’ll have much trouble falling asleep. In all honesty, I am getting too old for this crap, I just refuse to admit it! 😉


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