Welcome, 20,000th visitor!

What the hell are all you people still doing here? No, really! 😉 It got me wondering. I started this blog like a year and a half ago mainly as a source of keeping friends update while they were travelling around abroad as well as keep some record of some of the weird happenings I got up to during our countless binges.

In the beginning, I was lucky to get about 3 hits a day.. Things changed, people eventually came back home, I kept updating the site and now I’m eventually pulling somewhere in the area of 50-75 visitors a day.. And you’re not all looking for Katey Segal’s breast anymore! What the hell? 😉

Ah, but I’m not complaining. I like attention, it’s why I usually make a fool of myself on a regular basis. And with both Zascha and Emelie running off to other countries now, I suppose this blog is pretty much back to its original purpose.. And I suppose all this attention helps me in keeping you guys updated with my weird undertakings.. So thanks, and keep on coming back!


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