Tip of the day!

Here’s one for you: If you plan to spend most of the day doing dishes and cleaning up, work progresses considerably faster if you DO NOT start out by pouring half a pint of boiling water over your right hand in an attempt do disinfect your kitchen utensils. Apparently first degree burns and hot water don’t mix.

I suppose the obvious upside to my predicament was that I had to take a long while doing things and taking a lot of breaks in between.. Yay for daytime TV.. Or uhh.. There’s that, and I also got a chance to walk down to the post office and mail Zascha’s final bits of mail and what not to her mother.. Effectively, my life has meaning again. I’m not just sleeping the day away anymore, even if this here life is pretty close. I even got up before 9 AM today.. Good boy!

Oh, by the way, school starts tomorrow.. Which I’m, strangely enough, looking forward to. Wonder what kinda things we’ll be up to in the coming semester.

Oh, by the way, I just learned today that Michael Jackson died 😦 No, not the singing freak, the world famous beer persona who was largely responsible for the revival of quality beer in popular culture.. What a loss!


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