Back To School!

Wow.. That just gave me a strange urge to listen to Deftones.. Ahem, anyways.. Yea, today was my first day back in school. Maybe I was getting bored, maybe I was lacking something to do, or – God forbid – maybe the subjects were just darn interesting.. But really, it didn’t seem too bad at all. On the contrary, it all seemed rather interesting.

For those who may have missed it, I’ve just started studying for my master’s degree in Web Communication and was kinda curious as to what sort of studies that might include. The answer turned out to be pretty simple:

A large part of it is theoretic, covering the transition from Web 1.0 (i.e. using the web to convey information to the masses) over Web 2.0 (i.e. the current state of the internet, where the masses produce, share and link information on social websites) to the Semantic web which has machines and non-human agents sharing information over the web. The other part involves a more hands on subject called web architecture which gives a more hand on introduction to the various technologies and scripting languages behind the whole thing.

This means that we get to play with technologies such as blogging, Wikis and Youtube. It also means that a lot of our curriculum is either posted electronically, can be found on Youtube, or is bookmarked on Gotta love that Web 2.0. Furthermore, there’s a large focus on open software, open information, Creative Commons and what have you. What more could a long-haired Microsoft-loathing geek possibly want? 😉 What about guest lecturers and excursions? Well, we have those too!

Okay, that’s probably a bit too much of an overload on the whole geeky information front.. Suffice to say, I’m actually looking forward to the coming two years now.. I’m also cooking lasagna – because apparently, I’m supplying the food for a party at Morten’s this Friday.. And also it seemed the only reasonable thing to do after six hours of introductory lectures and a bit of homework. I’m surprised I haven’t toppled over yet. I must enjoy having something to do at last.

Aside from that, I should mention that I’m trying to come to terms with using one of the small marbles of the information society – a personal planner/calendar. Why, pray tell, has it taken me 26 years to start using one of these things? Well, truth be told, I haven’t really needed one before. But, having finally reached a somewhat mature age, I’ve been forced to realize that my memory isn’t what it has been.. Fuck, I wake up every now and then not sure what I did the day before, how am I supposed to keep track of things weeks into the future? I’ve made do for a couple of years since I’ve had Zascha, affectionately nicknamed “the personal secretary” by my colleagues, keeping track of most of my doings and plans. Given that she’s not here at the moment, enter calendar! I hope we’ll be good friends some day!


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