We will be heard!

So, turns out I had jack shit to do today after all.. My meeting with Jonas regarding my new job was canceled last night due to his kids being sick, so so far that’s postponed until some time next week.. Bummer!

Anyways, spend the day reading up on some things, doing some laundry and dishes.. I even went downtown to shop for a gift for my half-sister’s kid’s 1st birthday.. What an interesting event that was. First I had to make a load of calls to discover just what 1 year olds want for their birthdays, then I had to spend numerous long minutes browsing local book stores to find books suitable for one year olds.. Needless to say, I felt pretty out of my natural elements, usually hating kids and all that jazz. I ended up finding a few which all bore warnings about choking hazards, not suitable for kids below two years of age, and what have you.. But I hear she’s very advanced for her age, and her parents already let her play with all sorts of weird shit, so I’m pretty confident, I won’t end up delivering a deadly gift!

In other news, I went so far as to actually go down and buy a newspaper today.. DKK 16, thank you very much.. What gives? When I were a kid, papers were DKK 8.. On Sundays, mind you! And the grass was greener back then, the air cleaner, too.. With friends surrounded.. No, wait, that’s a Pink Floyd song.. Anyways, yes.. It’s a sad, sad day when a simple task like buying a newspaper makes you feel old! Why did I get a paper? Well, there was this half page article about the Student House that I really wanted to read. It turned out to actually be a dead cool read. Not only did the sacrifice space to plug our Studies Start Festival on the 28th and 29th, they also plugged our web page and wrote a long story about our current struggles.

It seems that after months of struggling for recognition, good-will and an alcohol license and being hated on by various instances, we’re finally receiving some backing and recognition. We’re on pretty good terms with a couple of bar and club owners in town now, and the article mentioned that the municipality have now clearly come out and stated that they see absolutely no problem in us selling cheap beers to students as it’s a great means of creating a better place for and more unity amongst students in Kolding – not only that, they’re hoping that through our actions we can help draw and keep students in Kolding! ROCK ON! Thanks for coming through.

And those, boys and girls, were the words for today. I’m about to get ready for a rare activity tonight – going to work at GLS. I haven’t had any shifts for like.. Three weeks now, and suddenly I have four shifts in two weeks – alongside my other job which I will hopefully be starting next week.. Ka-tching! 😀


2 responses to “We will be heard!

  1. Wow. I remember when you told that you half-sis was preggers… Time passes!

    kids=sux, though 😉

  2. Whatever do you mean? That’s only like a year and a half ago 😉 .. But then again, probably the fastest passing year and a half of my life.. So you may just be right!

    And I agree, I’m personally more used to hating on kids than I am buying presents for them..

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