And the fight goes on.. Why do you hate us?

Went down to the Student House today. Things are looking brighter. We had our first regular Tuesday Cafe event today. It went well. The concept behind this new regular event is that since we haven’t yet been granted an alcohol license, we’re gonna have to make due with what we’ve got.. Which would be selling hot drinks and sodas. It’s a basically a way of showing that we can do other things than just get people drunk cheaply. Which is fine because that’s one of our major points – that we need to be more than just a place associated with booze hounds and people looking to get smashed without paying the high prices that other establishments charge.

Yet, I keep getting the feeling that we have to prove ourselves to everybody. First we had to prove to the owners of the various establishments downtown that we were not looking to steal their customers, then we had to prove to the municipality that we had other plans than just cheap beer and were in fact not trying to twist anything as regards business and competition.. Now it looks like we’re lined up for the final battle with the board actually in charge of granting the license.. A board where at least one of the members seem a sworn enemy of our plan.

What’s so wrong in just trying to create a better place to live for the students of this town? God forbid they got to know each other through sociable events, concerts, cafes and a cold brew every now and then. At least the press seems to be on our side now. They’ve been running articles on us for a few days straight now and actually dropped by with a reporter and a photographer to do what might prove a major piece on us for tomorrow’s paper. They interviewed Martin, Rikke and I and I think we did our best in trying to  convey that our plan involved more than a creating a cheap watering hole for students.. They even snapped a goofy looking picture of us.. Which I’m sure I’ll hate to see in tomorrow’s paper.

Well, dinner beckons now.. Then work.. Then a day of meetings, school, work and what have you tomorrow. Gonna be a busy few days.


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