Meetings, meetings, goofy pics and meetings.

I can definitely tell that it’s taking some time to get used to being a full time student again. It’s like we’re back at the point where there are just not enough hours in the day.. Literally!

You want proof? Well, today I actually had to cut classes to make room for a board meeting in the Student House. Given my age and position, I’ve made my way into the actual board of the house as a student representative. So, today I had to go through the weird experience of meeting up with a motley crew of local politicians, municipality representatives and a couple of high-ranking local business representatives. It was actually pretty good times and they were in fact some pretty nice people. I won’t bore you with the details as it was pretty much one of those “Where are we now, where do we want to go from here?” kinda deals.. Featuring, of course, the latest mess regarding our alcohol license application.

Between the meeting and having to get back to my classes at uni, I had time to pick up the paper which featured a nice, positive article about the house.. Front page mention and all! .. And of course, a very, very goofy pic of Martin, Rikke and I which had turned out about as bad as I’d expected.. But I’m hoping that we at least got our point through, that we want to do more than just create a cheap bar-like environment.

My classes were, well, interesting. As a result of my running around all day yesterday, going to work and getting to bed at somewhere around 2 AM, I was utterly smashed after an hour and a half of lectures on structured writing.. I must be growing older! Anyways, after classes I had another meeting to attend regarding the rush trip for new students later this month.. The original plan was to furthermore head to work after the meeting, but as I really wasn’t feeling up for the job, I managed to pass my shift off to a colleague who was looking for some extra hours. In retrospect, I’m glad I did.. I’m starting my new job tomorrow after all so it’s not like I really needed the money badly.

So, anyways, after the second meeting of the day, I went off for a more sociable kind of meeting. Apparently Denmark was playing Lichtenstein tonight in some Euro 2008 qualification stuff and Christian, Tina and Anne were teaming up to watch the game. I don’t much care for football, but I hadn’t seen Anne in ages, nor had I seen Tina in what seemed like ages.. And I’m always a fan of good company and good food, so off I went.

All in all it was a pretty nice evening, but I was a little too knackered to make the best of it.. I actually managed to nap through the last 20 minutes or so of the game.. But as always it was good to see people again, my mood just wasn’t really up for the challenge. Must be something in the air. Tina wasn’t entirely cheery either and Zascha had apparently also had quite the shitty day.. Here’s to hoping that things will be better tomorrow. For Zascha, especially, who does not have the luxury of having us crazy people around to act goofy when work is getting to her.

Tomorrow’s my mum’s birthday and I only just now realized I completely forgot to buy her something. I’d better get some sleep, looks like I’ll have a pretty busy day tomorrow.


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