The Talented Mr. Granlie

Okay, I’ve now definitively stopped being lazy.. I wasn’t even supposed to have classes today, and still I end up with a project orientation meeting and a couple of “Open Web” classes.. The meeting was interesting in the aspect that we suddenly found out that we’re to do a project totaling some 25-30 pages per student and some practical application by the end of the year.. Yay! (yes, that was sarcasm!)

The classes were utterly uninteresting in the aspect that they dealt with podcasts, blogs and wikis.. Stuff I’ve already covered in an elective class a couple of semesters ago.. Snooze!

Following these lovely activities, I spend some time fooling around with the new online museum project, I’m now working on.. What to say? Well, it all seems a little confusing in the beginning. The awesome part about all this, though, is that I’m pretty much being paid to learn. I spend a couple of hours downloading files, browsing historical notes and essentially trying to reverse-engineer the system and works of Jonas Granlie, a former instructor of ours and one of the forces behind the technical infrastructure of the project.

I think I’ve managed to make some headway in understanding the infrastructure and the syntax used in this project, whether I’m right remains to be seen, I suppose 😉 Given the amount of information and the complexity of the linking scheme used, it’s all a bit confusing at first. At any rate, I’m enjoying myself and hoping I’m not screwing up too much. Right now the major problem seems to be explain to the people around me what exactly it is that I’m doing. I suppose it’s easier to just feed people the simplified version and tell them that I’m taking a bunch of info from a bunch of historians and digitizing it for use on the web in a cleverly linked pool of information.. Yea, that’ll be my story and I’ll be sticking to it!


2 responses to “The Talented Mr. Granlie

  1. Whutfux, how come you found it so fast? O_O The link to your blog? I’m not finished yet, I don’t even have a header 😉
    Hehe, but thanks 🙂 *hug* Planning to snap a batch of pics and starting the actual thing asap. Had it in mind for quite a time now, but wordpress… bleh 😉

  2. Nothing slips by me.. 😉 But yea, referrers really.. 🙂 You’re very welcome. I’ll be looking forward to that.. Especially if snapping pics involve that corset kinda thing.. Errm.. I mean.. Yea..

    Anyways, I wish you luck on your endeavors, hope you’ll enjoy blogging 😉

    I hate getting my hands dirty with code and stuff as well, which is why I much prefer blogs over the DIY solution (and apparently also why I took it upon myself to manage a couple of vBulletin and phpBB sites.. Eck!)

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