Hangover Saturday

It’s been a long, hard recovery period this time around, but I’m finally starting to recover from last night’s binge.. At 6:30 PM on the day after. Interestingly enough, I was talking to Dunkel the other night and he was telling me a lot about how I drink a hell of a lot for someone my size. I suppose my living hangover hell today kinda proves him right.

Well, at any rate, we had an easy, early day Friday in that we got out of class at 12 noon rather than 2:15 PM as per our usual agreements. Of course, Christian and I went down to the Uboat to celebrate woth a few extra strong lagers.. Mmm.. We quickly ran into the usual crowd including the lovely, beautiful Tina who we love very much and are very sorry for giving such a hard time and Louise. Christian and I had a master plan of getting incredibly drunk, so we started throwing down a few more beers while talking with the girls.

At 4 PM-ish, my personal favorite beer, RefsVindinge Ale No 16, won a convincing victory in a free beer sampling against some German Weissbeer. Another event which helped boost our blood alcohol level and make us ready for a small dinner break from all the boozing.. So we went back to Tina’s, ordered some take out on the way and munched down a couple of non-liquid calories before heading back as quickly as we could.

Safely back at the Uboat, we ran into Wuffe who was now nicely toasted and not making much sense and Jesper, who kindly offered me a slice of his pizza as if I hadn’t already eaten enough.. But who was I to say no? .. And other people as well. Who joined us in throwing down another beer and another and then another just for good measure.. By around 8:30, we were pretty well fired up – just about perfect timing as this was around the time that one of the bartenders, Storm, hit the stage with his acoustic one man show which lead to quite a lot of sing-a-long action, especially when he burst into Saybia’s “Stay” “The Second You Sleep” which for some reason always has most of the Uboat singing along. This time, of course, was no exception as we saw a backup chorus of about ten people join in on the fun.

Dunkel, Iben, Under and Mads arrived some time into the set and Christian and I decided to join up with them to, in Christian’s words “watch them get drunk and act stupid. ” This, of corse, was a great idea. Only, he had not taken into consideration the fact that we ourselves got pretty drunk and acted pretty stupid in the process.. Oh well!

This was pretty much the time where things started to get a little confusing. We were by now making pretty giid progress on our plan of getting annoyingly drunk, and we started failing the more trivial tasks such as keeping track of each other. A good deal of time was spend looking for Christian who had disappeared for quite an extended period of time, when we got a call from Emelie saying that she could not get a hold of him and was all worked up for that particular reason, Tina and I spent quite some time looking for him only to realize that he was on the can. After this mix-up, he naturally had to talk to Emelie, so I decided to head back and bother Dunkel and his loyal followers. We had quite a bit of fun laughing at some chick who was wearing a Ramones t-shirt, but had no idea who on earth the Ramones were.

The Dunkel gang eventually walked off, so I took to talking to a few of the other people about music, the weather and what have you. Christian eventually showed back up and together, we managed to keep the place going till about 3 AM where we eventually gave up after some 15 hours of heavy drinking.. Days at the Uboat don’t get much better than this.. And hung over days don’t get much better than today.. I’ve been looking forward to having a full day of absolute peace and quiet on my own.. Mmm..


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