The upsides to feeling shitty?

Woo, another day of feeling in the dumps! But who am I to complain? I talked to Tine for a bit today and she told me that she spend about a weekend getting over her sickies, so I might as well settle in and get the best of it.. Maybe things aren’t so bad after all? At least I’ve had a hell of a lot of time for catching up with my homework.

I’ve even done some work on my freelance things which I’m actually starting to understand. Apparently I did a good job in figuring out things on my own, only to realize that Jonas had uploaded a how-to document for us thinking that we might need it. Yea, thanks! Communication apparently isn’t our biggest strength. Oh well, reverse-engineering is kinda fun. And now that I get it, I put in about as much work today as I possibly could before needing another meeting with the guy to get a few things answered.

What else? Well, there’s the wonders of Danish television.. Which is about as ridiculous as ever. Sitcoms, reality TV, American series and the odd mix of public service stuff that no one watches anyways. On top of that, there are apparently a surge in useless new specialty channels; in a country of 5.5 million, do we really need two dedicated 24 hour news channels? Or 4 sports channels for that matter? Or a channel dedicated to golf? Or a couple of music channels dedicated to the same mindless crap? .. How does that Springsteen song go again? 57 channels and nothin’ on? It’s not till you get to spend a day on the couch that you actually realize how true that is.

Oh well, back to the good stuff.. Umm, lots of chicken soup? I like chicken soup.. as long as it’s not that awful ready-made stuff. Which was unfortunately the only thing I had the energy for today, but at least I got to spice it up and add a bunch of stuff that I had lying around to it.. Such as actual chicken chunks, noodles and stuff.. So I was a pretty happy monkey after all and have ended up consuming about a liter of it till this point. Along with a couple of liters of camomile tea. It seems to help but still I find myself eyeballing the countless bottles of rum standing on my shelf, wondering if they wouldn’t somehow do a better job.. There has to be some logic behind all those rum toddies consumed by our parents’ generation, no? 😉

Eh, I’ve got three jobs to tend to tomorrow, so as much as I love laying around here, geeking about and listening to music, I’d better be feeling better one way or the other.


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