How much has really changed?

I thought I’d changed a lot over the past couple of years, I suppose it’s not before you talk to people from way back that you realize that you haven’t changed at all in some aspects. Last night, I got chatted up by not one but two people from the past who I haven’t talked to in ages.

One was Gaz who I stayed with when I visited Maryland a few years ago and took an instant liking to because he early on told me stories about how he used to bully Good Charlotte in high school. Gaz wanted to know if I was still going to school and still surrounding myself by a small harem of beautiful girls who were all just friends.. Yup, I suppose nothing changed on that account. We talked a bit about the good old days of doing absolutely irresponsible things like abusing our internal emergency contact list to prank call people.

A few hours later, I got chatted up by Edge, a Canadian friend, who thought 3:45 AM to be the best time of contacting me as he, despite not having talked to me for a couple of years, figured that I was still suffering from sleeping disorders. The talk was about as weird as something you could expect from me in the weird hours:

3:46:20 AM Edgeman: jbbbbbbbbb
3:47:53 AM Johan: Why’re everybody yelling at me these days? Damn whippersnappers..
3:48:28 AM Edgeman: I duno
Gaz was looking for your email the other day
Figured I’d better snag you while you’re on. in the early am …
3:50:02 AM Johan: email, eh? He ended up adding me on icq instead, I guess.. He’s been yelling at me, too, lately..
3:50:15 AM Johan: Damn you loudmouthed people of the West!
3:50:35 AM Edgeman: lol
that’s my fault
I was like “I don’t seem to have his email…but I have his ICQ?”
3:51:09 AM Johan: lol
3:51:18 AM Johan: Well, that’s quite okay..
3:51:37 AM Edgeman: how’s things?
school and such still?
3:51:44 AM Johan: But if he starts any of that crazy gay webcam chat shit on me, I’m holding you personally responsible
3:52:02 AM Edgeman: lol
I will take the blame for that.
3:52:42 AM Johan: Hehe.. Yea, don’t think I’ll ever get out of school
3:52:50 AM Edgeman: I miss school
3:53:06 AM Johan: Well, maybe one day.. When I get sick and tired of being poor and all that jazz..
3:53:25 AM Johan: School is good.. It has like.. shootings and stuff.
3:53:31 AM Edgeman: oh
3:53:49 AM Johan: Well, wait, that’s in the US.. Nevermind.
3:54:32 AM Edgeman: ah
montreal too i hear
well a long time ago
3:55:27 AM Johan: What? Violence and shootings in Canada? Nonsense! Michael Moore said it wasn’t so.. And he knows.. He knows!!
3:56:59 AM Edgeman: but we have hockey?
3:57:13 AM Edgeman: plus montreal is part french
they are uppity
3:57:47 AM Johan: Oh right, yea, that explains a lot.. Beware of the snow frogs!
3:58:06 AM Edgeman: I wish we had snow
3:58:53 AM Johan: I’ll send ours along as soon as we get some – if we get some – I hate snow.
3:59:00 AM Johan: It’s all icky and snow like..
3:59:02 AM Edgeman: aww why
3:59:07 AM Edgeman: yea
and delicious
3:59:07 AM Johan: You and gaz can have it all.
3:59:13 AM Edgeman: but not the yellow snow
3:59:24 AM Edgeman: yea he moved somewhere eh
I wonder if there’s more or less snow there
4:00:01 AM Johan: I think he moved from Maryland to Virginia.. It’s like a two mile hike.,
4:00:16 AM Johan: Okay, maybe a little more, but I don’t think there’s much of a difference in terms of snow
4:00:28 AM Edgeman: oh
my geography of the united states knows where Florida, California, and Michigan are.
4:01:32 AM Edgeman: probably gets more snow than I do
damn gaz!
4:01:40 AM Johan: Yea, I’m surprised I even knew.. My world geography is really shady
4:01:58 AM Edgeman: I know you are near an ocean
and have a bunch of wind generators in the ocean.
4:02:22 AM Johan: Hehe.. Yea, that sounds like us..
4:02:39 AM Edgeman: oh lol wtf
Virginia is the next state over.
4:03:00 AM Edgeman: it’s further south though
gaz will be a sad panda.
4:03:22 AM Johan: I know you’re in a place that the Queen likes to think that she owns.. And that you speak English but you have people up there who don’t coz they think they’re in like France.. And you have hockey and polar bears and eskimos and stuff
4:03:48 AM Johan: Poor Gaz, no smiley panda for you!
4:03:51 AM Edgeman: yea
the eskimos are called Innuit though now
Inuit. Innuit. I tihnk it has two n’s.
4:04:18 AM Johan: Oh right, I should’ve know, we have them too after all..
4:04:34 AM Johan: Or well, Greenland does, but we like to think we own them..
4:05:02 AM Edgeman: lol
you like to think you own Hans island too
4:05:06 AM Edgeman: sneaky danish
4:05:17 AM Johan: We’re much like the queen of England in that way.. What? Far away weirdo people living in igloos! I must have!
4:05:19 AM Edgeman: it’s like a tiny rock in the middle of the ice.
4:05:42 AM Edgeman: yea
there’s some big hullaballoo about it nowadays though
what with the northwest passage being open and all
4:06:02 AM Edgeman:
4:06:13 AM Johan: Last thing I heard, we were making claims to the north pole as well.. Wonder what we’re up to, can barely keep this country together
4:06:43 AM Johan: Yea, I never got that Hans Island thing either.. Foreign politics are weird.. I’d rather have a sandwich
4:06:48 AM Edgeman: yea

to claim the north pole you have to plant a flag on the sea floor
Russia already did that.
4:07:00 AM Edgeman: yea really

lookit the thing
it’s not worth it, it’s a teeny rock.
4:07:47 AM Johan: Something about natural reserves, I guess.. I dunno.. But I asked Zascha and she’s all smart like.
4:07:57 AM Edgeman: smrt
4:08:24 AM Johan: Mmm.. smrt
4:09:25 AM Johan: Oh right, I guess I was doing that whole going to bed thing.. But hey, thanks for getting Gaz on my back.
4:09:44 AM Edgeman: what
you are up late you crazy dane
4:10:14 AM Johan: Yea, and I have to get up again at 10 am.. which is in like.. soon.
4:10:42 AM Edgeman: ew
gnights jb
don’t be a stranger. and don’t hurt yourself anymore than usual
4:11:01 AM Johan: But like people were being noisy bastards so I couldn’t sleep, but evidently they stopped now, so I’ll just go to bed.
4:11:10 AM Edgeman: bastards
4:11:16 AM Johan: nites.. lol, I’ll try not to!

There ya go, even telling me to not hurt myself more than usual.. Things really haven’t changed too much in the last two years after all.


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