So cold..

I hate Denmark sometimes.. After a less than desirable summer, the weather has now turned into something resembling a golden middle way between winter and late fall.. Lovely! Eh well, I can’t complain too much. Got rid of most of my sickies last night after all. After a night at work, I took an evening of the usual fever chills before waking up somewhat of a better man. That is, I regained a lot of my spirits and strengths, but gained a cold to boot.. Ah lovely, at least I can handle colds.

Cold is what the weather was, too, this morning. Temps had dropped to about 3 degrees centigrade when I biked home last night and they weren’t much higher this morning, so we’re now donning winter jackets again.. Just as the weather was starting to improve.. Yay! So yea, the day has been mostly cold and gray, but that’s okay, I’ve had a pretty good time none the less. After classes and a meeting with Jonas regarding our progress on the project, I snuck back to the computer lab to put in about an hour of work before teaming up with Christian and Tina to go look for some new clothes for Christian and a subsequent dinner.

On our quest for clothes for Christian, we went to the mall where we tore through a few stores, one of which actually ended up offering Tina a job after the manager had seen her dragging Christian and I around and giving us directions. Christian finally decided on a pair of jeans and a shirt and we moved on in the attempt to find a skirt for Tina.. That plan didn’t work, though, as we were running out of time and the store that we went to didn’t really have her size.. Apparently there are things in this world smaller than Tina.. Who’d have thunk it? 😉  So, instead we ended up going to the supermarket to pick up some steaks, potatoes and what have  you for dinner.

After paying for our purchases and struggling through the rain, we ended up at Tina’s where I cooked up a dinner of steaks, some mixed mushrooms and a creamy red wine sauce which was enjoyed by all. We then talked for a while, did the dishes and watched Finding Nemo. All in all an awesome Wednesday. I’m hoping we can make a tradition out of spending either Wednesday or Friday evening together as we really don’t get to see eachother that much anymore. This whole studying for master degrees in different cities scheme is pretty stressful 😉 And to think I thought we wouldn’t get split up too much after finishing our BA. Now I’ve got Zascha off in Brussels, Tina studying in another town, Emelie off in Scotland, Christian only coming to town twice a week, and a range of people I rarely ever see anymore.. Bah, humbug! Oh well, at least we make the best of the time that we have.

I suppose I’d better get to bed now, I’m sure my beaten up old body would appreciate that. Got a snotty nose, a magazine and a cup of tea to keep me company.. So why wouldn’t I wanna log off and crawl into bed? If anyone could  think of a reason, I’d like to hear it!


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