Sorry, we’re closed.. Please call back later!

Just a small note to say that I probably won’t be updating the blog for the remainder of the week. I know I promised Zascha I’d try to do it every day, but there’s a bit of a force majeure going on at the moment.. Got a fire safety meeting at the Student House this afternoon, then I’m off to Dunkel’s for a few movies, some grub and maybe a beer or two.

Friday morning we’re off for the traditional weekend rush trip  for the students.. Which is looking to be more epic than ever as we’re bringing a total of 148(?!) new students this year, bringing us to a grand total of 170 youngsters in a cabin for an entire weekend. I reckon it’s gonna be crowded – but fun! I’m even looking forward to it now.. I sorta had mixed feelings about going as I didn’t know most people too well, but then Tina and Dunkel came on over to the dark side and were asked to come along.. Which is awesome!  always have a blast with these people and with a couple of other familiar faces from the Uboat tagging along, things should be quite awesome after all.. w00t!

So, till Monday, my friends.. I bid you good drink!


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