Rush Trip 2007: Saturday – Mas Tequila, Por Favor!

If you tagged along for the 2006 version of our Rush Trip, chances are you hate me.. Why make 2007 an exception? See, we developed this concept last year of walking around the rooms of the cabin in which we were staying, waking people up with a cute little song, an annoying attitude and plenty of schnapps to boot! While all of us maintain that this was probably the funniest event in recent Rush Trip history, it was also probably the most criticized event in my time at uni (four years now).. So, when preparing for this years trip, they actually made us sign an agreement saying that we wouldn’t harass the new students in this way in the years to come..

However, they did not say anything about not bothering old students.. And since the older students were all sleeping off in separate barracks.. Who could possibly complain? Well, quite a few people, it turned out.

6:49 AM Satursay – the Johan wakes! Actually managing to get up before my alarm goes off, I creep into the hallway where I run into Justin who looks about as ready to go as ever. I jump in the shower for a quick wash while Justin mobilizes the rest of our crew. We strike at dawn! Carrying a clanging case of about ten different bottles of schnapps, we barge into the first room along our path down the hallway, singing joyful songs of schnappsy goodness, waving bottles and shots glasses around, stirring people from their beds and forcing the sweet, sweet nectar down their throats! We’re initially pretty well received and things go well for about five minutes before we’re starting to seriously annoy the sleeping girls.  I still don’t quite understand the concept of being annoyed about getting woken up during a weekend binge, but that’s probably just me. At any rate, we somehow manage to create less hostility than last year around, but are still somewhat frowned upon in the hours to come.

We eventually make it back to the main cabin and continue our tour de schnapps during breakfast. I pretty quickly lower my consumption, though, as Sandie and Briddie pop out of the blue asking me if I’d be interested in participating in a panel discussion at 10 AM – Whoa, better slow down there, skipper! I wish I hadn’t though. The discussion was about as pointless as anything could be with no one really asking any questions, me not really having any voice to answer anything and some of us being too drunk to even piece together simple sentences.. I reckon we’ll be leaving that part out next year.

After an uneventuful morning and a great amount of lunch, it’s time for the moment that we’ve all been waiting for.. The infamous O-run which is a sort of orientation run around the premisses in which people – split up into their respective teams – should hopefully get to know one another a little better. This year, we had eight stops along the way and I, along with Fischer got to take care of the third stop. In keeping with tradition, I got put in charge of the tequila consumption stop which, in keeping with tradition, evolves around getting people to consume as many body shots as possible in as weird ways as at all possible.. And man did we see some odd spins on ye olde body shot!

As to not make it look like we we just forcing people to drink, we came up with this whole backing story about how our secret location was actually in Mexico and how we, Alajandro and Oswaldo respectively, were trying to introduce them to Mexican culture. We did so by first asking them to perform a tequila inspired dance for us and then have them dupe us by showing what they could come up with in terms of alternative body shots: There were the classic examples, the multiple shots version, there were shots done off toes, hands, backs, the small of backs, butt cheeks, heck there was even one done off the crotch of some girl’s panties after which they were promptly handed to me for keeping.. Ahem, not really sure what kind of reputation I’ve started to build up here.. Even poor Fischer and myself were attacked by hordes of girls, stripped of our clothes,  and turned into objects of body shots.. It took me a few days to get all the salt off various parts of my body and hair, thank you very much!

By the end, things were getting a little steamy, and my buddy Oswaldo and I needed a few shots to cool us down and prepare us for the second round of the O-run in which the teams were revisiting us, this time to participate in the second installment this summer of the infamous clothing chain. We were a little weary about having to ask people to once again go crazy and remove clothing and we really did try our best to not sound too pushy and offer other alternatives.. Turns out we didn’t really have anything to worry about, though. The first team back willingly disposed of most of their clothing, a sight which poor Fischer had obviously never seen before and which had him going pretty red.. The next team to arrive were basically partially naked upon arrival, and it only went downhill from there.

I’m telling you, there’s something very, very hard about addressing a group of 6-7 partially naked women who are using only their arms to cover up their assets, so to speak, consequently, the first thing out of my mouth was “Ladies, you all have very beautiful eyes” followed by a feeble attempt to explain the rules which was only complicated further when some of the girls actually started hugging and rubbing up against us.. I think Fischer and I were both pretty much saved from total collapse by the fact that the second round was ended prematurely due to time issues. I don’t think we’d have made it through another four teams. Pretty much by the end, we were just grinning goofily, throwing down shots to calm our senses and nerves.. Which then again, of course ended in us pretty much getting hammered off our feet by the end because we ended up sitting at a table, talking to a few people and sharing a couple of more shots before heading back to the cabin for dinner.

The rest of the night was pretty marked by our little four hour beer and tequila date in the woods, and I have to admit that I got a little more drunk that I should have been. Dinner was good and a following show from a Danish stand-up comedian was pretty good, too, the following bar shift not too good. I’d completely blown out what little I had left of my voice over the course of the afternoon, so I had a pretty hard time serving people in the bar and ended up just giving up and heading to bed at around 2:30 which admittedly probably wasn’t too nice towards my fellow bartenders, but looking at the amount of people behind the bar, I’d say the managed without me.. And from talking to people the next day, I’d say they did. I hear the party once again ended at around 5 AM and that people were nice and happily drunk at that time.


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