Rush Trip 2007: Sunday – Bringin’ The Troops Home!

Surprisingly, when I woke Sunday morning, it was not to the sound of my alarm clock going off. Rather, it was to the sound of Tina’s yelling all sorts of profanities in a shrill voice on a backdrop of my alarm clock going off. Apparently someone hadn’t gotten a hell of lot of sleep that night and were a tiny bit upset about be woken up at 7 AM.. Sheesh!

Anyways, I turned off the alarm and promptly went back to sleep which made one of the organizers, Briddie a tiny bit upset when I’d regained my senses staggered out of the room at 7:45 AM.. Apparently  I was on morning clean-up duty and were supposed to have reported at 7:30.. Oh well.. I went back to the main cabin and started emptying bottles and stacking beer cases, there I was greeted by a beaming Lene who inquired about the nature of some of my more embarrassing doings the night before.. I sorta tried to shake things off and were rather happy when Vuffe showed up prepared to share a few shots of morning schnapps with me.

After a few shots, breakfast did the body good, as did another couple of shots. Tina showed up and apologized profusely for her outburst so for the remainder of the morning, Johan was once again a happy monkey. Speaking of the rest of the morning, it was a nice mix of packing and total pandemonium, as some of us took it upon us to finish the last few bottles of schnapps. Eventually, we got everything cleaned up and spend the last hour or so out front with most of the new students surrounding the front lawn, watching us older, more experienced students goofing about on the lawn, being total drunken fuckwads. There was a lot of piling up, a lot of singing, a lot of beer relay races and general oddballing.. Hey, we live to entertain!

The buses eventually arrived and took us back to Kolding. Dunkel Christian Bo, Nikolaj, Einar and I got stuck in a bus together and did our best to keep people’s spirits high. Alas, most of the youngsters were suffering from sleep deprivation and since we had been robbed of our sweet nectar of life, aka schnapps, for the ride, we were having a hard time keeping the party going. Most of the onboard entertainment actually consisted of Einar singing to himself which, I suppose, is maybe the only kind of entertainment you need on day like that.

When we arrived back at uni, all of the youngsters were apparently scared away so it was just the lot of us old, experienced people sitting around waiting for our luggage to arrive back wih the van. We somehow managed to dig up a sober driver so orders were made for Nikolaj to drive to Mickey D’s to get us some hangover grub.. This all resulted in a massive eating contest during which I consumed seven cheeseburgers before digging into Daphne’s and Lene’s fries.. Yum!

When our luggage finally arrived back, we all sorta simultaneously agreed that we were pretty well spend, so Dunkel and I decided to stagger back to his place for a little afternoon delight (aka Captain Morgan). As we grabbed our bags and left uni, chatting exhaustedly about the events of the past few days, we entered back into the real world, feeling none the wiser and leaving only a few dead braincells behind.. Fuck it all and no regrets! See you next year?


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