Okay, maybe some cleaning at home after all

All quiet from the Johan front today.. Nothing much to say, really. Ended up having the entire day off as I traded my shift tonight at work with a colleague. As a consequence, I’ve been sleeping in a bit, gotten up a bit late, done some work on the research project thing – I just noticed I’m actually mentioned on the project homepage under participants (SDU Sønderborg) – not that anything’s really working at the moment, but that’s pretty cool still! 😉

When I figured out that I didn’t really have any studies or reading pending, I even decided to get a head start on the cleaning around this place, doing some dishes, taking out a load of trash that’s been piling up on my desk and doing some vacuuming and basic dusting.. Yay, first time in weeks I’ve had time for stuff like that. Actually the first time in months that I’ve actually really been home save to sleep or be sick.. So about damn time I got around to doing it.

Oh, and I got to talk to Zascha for a good long while on the phone, too, which was awesome, trying to catch up on pretty much everything that’s been going on with the festival and the troubles that ensued from it.. She’s also giving me a hard time for not having visited her yet which I tried to blame on time constraint issues as well as the prices of traveling and a new passport.. An excuse she didn’t quite buy, arguing that she was more important than anything else I could possibly be up for and well worth the price. Well, Z, the good news on this front is that after I discovered the costs of getting a new passport, I got so pissy that I started rummaging through all my stuff for a fourth or fifth time, I forget which time exactly, only this time, I actually found my long lost passport! So that’s one step further towards going to a place in which they speak a language I don’t much care for, aka French!

Hmm.. Well, I don’t quite believe it, but that’s really about all I’ve done today, good thing I’ve got a shitload of things to do in the coming days or I’d start to think I was getting lazy.. Me, lazy, that’s unheard of!


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