Testing.. 1-2-3-4..

Man am I busted.. After my 16+ hours day yesterday and a day of work, studies and what have you, we opened up the Student House for a Design School event as a kind of warm up for our upcoming Thursday evening parties at the house.. And it was actually pretty good times, only tiring as hell!

I got in late, but apparently the design people had been working on some sort of interactive computer music and graphics demos which they took turns showing to one another. Since we now have an alcohol license at the student house and a pretty cozy upstairs environment, they figured they may as well take advantage of that, so they pretty much spend the evening drinking beers, playing electronic music and showing their demos on a large screen using a borrowed projector.

While they did, Martin, Jakob, Jesper and I were minding the bar and actually doing pretty good in selling off quite a few beers.. Which was great. It goes to show that there is a fair bit of interest in using the house for school-related as well as social-related events and that having an alcohol license is actually a pretty good thing. Not that people got wasted or anything, but most of the people present purchased at least a couple of beers which means we’re actually starting to earn money.. Yay!

All in all, I think we had some 40 people passing through tonight and since it was not even an official event, I’d say that was pretty well done. Can’t help but wonder what will happen next Thursday.. As for right now, I guess I’ll just head to bed.


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