Don’t play with fire and/or Dunkel

What a mess Friday was. It was pretty much doomed to go wrong from the get-go.. Or at least from the time that Christian and I first hit the Uboat at around 2 PM. Apparently last friday was the Uboat’s birthday. Not really too sure what that meant, aside from free cake and four happy hours stretching from 3-5 PM and 9-11 PM. As if the concept of DKK 5 beers wasn’t bad enough, it was made even worse by the fact that Dunkel owed me DKK 100, effectively making me the cheapest date of the evening.

As a condition for paying me back my money, he demanded that I took part in a new drinking game he’d invented. Knowing fully well that we didn’t really have to fulfill this obligation, and that anything Dunkel had invented was likely to get us fucked up, Christian and I decided to take part in the maiden voyage of Dunkel’s new concept – along with Vuffe, Einar, Jakob and another one of Dunkel’s friends. The results of this inaugural performance of the vicious game known only as “Braumeister” were as could be expected. Two hours later, we’d made our way through a couple of cases of beer, and our loud, slurred outcries were gathering increasingly larger crowds. Additionally, Christian and I had gotten ourselves so messed up that poor Tina actually turned down the opportunity of having dinner with us on the grounds of her not being able to deal with drunken idiots.

Wisely, we decided to pull out after the second round of the game, both of us having consumed some 10+ units of alcohol by this time. However, the nature of the game was such that the loser was obligated to buy everybody else a round of beer, in this case a round of Fine Festival, an extra strong lager.. Woo! Naturally, we did not want to insult the losers by not letting them buy their rounds, so we stuck behind for a couple of rounds which I mostly spent talking to a couple of girls I’d just met about interesting, pressing subjects such as our sexuality and whether or not we’d ever consider sleeping with someone of our own sex.

Eventually Christian and I did manage to get going and headed back to my place to cook up a few steaks. I wouldn’t say this was the best idea ever, our blood alcohol level taken into consideration, but in our defense, we only managed to set the kitchen on fire once during the process. We’d even considered that we were probably too drunk to appreciate a finer wine, so we were left in the very peculiar situation of eating sirloin steaks in creamy cognac sauce when chugging down piss cheap lagers.. There were no complaints, though, it seemed a meal befit for a king at the time being!

After dinner we sat around, talking and listening to music for a good long while, conversing about how we missed the good old days of eating dinner together, hanging out, sharing some quality food and wine before hitting the boat.. We should do that more, guys! We then drank down our last swallow and staggered back to the boat for more happy hour goodness. And then some other stuff happened.. Ahem, yea. Sorry to say, don’t fully remember most of rest of the evening.

I know that when we got down there, the gang was all there. Tina had arrived as had Iben, Under, Robert and a few others – some of whom had possibly been there all along.. I wouldn’t really be able to tell. I also know that Dunkel had somehow convinced one of the bartenders that happy hour covered not only beers but also shots, so he was more than generous in handing out shots to both Under and I.. Of course, as I should know by now, having shots with Dunkel is a bad f’ing idea, and in retrospect having about five of them with him in the state I was in at the time was an even worse idea.. But what can you do? It just sorta happened, and naturally I ended up more wasted than I have been in, well, since the first time I met Dunkel, probably.

I did manage to cash in on some positive karma by walking Tina back to her apartment before throwing in the towel. Not too sure Christian was too happy with my decision to call it quits, admit defeat and head home at like 1 AM.. So, sorry about that one. I’ll try not to let it happen again 😉 It did, however, seem like the right choice, at least when I woke the morning after and actually felt pretty good and ready for the day ahead of me.


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