Why I hate kids

Okay, so I don’t really hate kids, granted! But as of right now I’m not officially very thrilled with them either! Long story short, I’m in Nyborg visiting my dad and family. They share a two story house with another family living upstairs from them and this family happens to be the happy owners of a kid aged 18 months or thereabouts. Nothing wrong with that, of course, other than the fact that this kid apparently gets up at 6 AM and starts running, thrashing, yelling and screaming about.. Till like, well, I don’t know, till he drops over, I’m sure.. It’s now 5 PM and he hasn’t exactly stopped yet!

My dad and Birthe seem to think that this is somewhat normal behavior and that it would be rude to call them on it.. Me? I’m left wondering how the survive this crap on a daily basis! I’m oh so thrilled that I don’t have to and on that account actually can’t wait to go home later this evening.

In other news, I’ve been doing my best to keep Zascha under observation from about a thousand kilometers away. You may be wondering what that is all about, but the plain simple fact is that the poor girl had, as I understand, a piece of a wall fall on her head at work on Wednesday and was sent home to recover. She pretty quickly messaged me up asking me about symptoms of a concussion, complaining about dizziness, headache and other things. I essentially told her not to worry too much about it, as it didn’t sound to me like a proper concussion, but go see a doctor if she felt the need for it or if the symptoms persisted. 24 hours later she then sends me a message saying that she’s been at the doctors and that she was in fact suffering from a concussion. Way to go, Johan!

Anyways, as a victim of a concussion she is technically supposed to be under observation, but since I can’t well do that too well from here, we’ve settled for just having me call in regularly to make sure she’s doing okay or haven’t fallen over dead or accidently gone blind or anything. Why she’d go blind I’ve no idea, but apparently it was a real concern of mine during my Friday binge.. Have I mentioned that I was pretty smashed Friday? I think I have! Anyways, yea, it’s probably not the best of plans but it’s better than nothing, and have given me an excuse to talk to her a bit for the past few days which is always nice.. I’m sure we could’ve done without the whole concussion thing, though!


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