Lesson of the day

I think if there’s one thing to be learned from today’s twist of events it is that you should not mess with the structure of your file system while editing about 20 different documents in your favorite text editor.. While there are a lot of things that macs can do, if you move around documents while editing them and then re-save them using a dodgy editor, you’re fucked.. Even if your computer is all sexy and mac-like.. CRAP!

Long story short, I lost about three hours worth of work on our Virtual Museum project.. Work which I of course had to recreate, so despite thinking I’d have a single day off from work, I ended up spending a couple of hours redoing work I’d already done once – only, of course, without pay this time around.. Eep!

Oh well, could be worse, at least I only had three hours of school today – aaaand thanks to my dad, I came home yesterday carrying five bags of coffee. Apparently they were on sale at like 75% off and he thought I might like a couple of bags.. Good man! Good coffee, too! It’s quite amazing how much faster you code when you’re wired up on Joe. I even managed to do dishes and mop the floors within the three hours that I had originally reserved for reconstructing my work.. Yay me!

I think I deserve the rest of the day off!


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