When you’re weary, feeling down..

Sometimes, I just hate the world. I honestly had the feeling that things were going quite alright for a while, but what with Zascha suffering from the aftershocks of her concussion and Tina being depressed and feeling down for various reasons, it’s kinda hard not to get dragged down. So in essence, I’ve been spending the day and evening trying to get Tina to feel better and at the same time cook her up some soup to take care of the sickies that she’s struggling with on the side..

And I was actually doing pretty good progress and starting to feel better about the day, the world and everything.. Only to arrive home to find a letter from the National Danish Broadcasting company, demanding that I register myself for their new media license thing. What that essentially means is that they require me, by law I might add, to pay them a significant amount of money each year simply because I own a device capable of receiving any content of theirs. In my case a web enable cell phone capable of accessing dr.dk .. Bull-fucking-shit!

I don’t even watch their programming or make use of their web services. But such are the rights of the consumer in Denmark, apparently. Evidently that’s what happens when government and corporations marry.. I’m entirely too tired to deal with this right now, I suppose I’ll just go to bed and hope for better things tomorrow.


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