On the addictiveness of Web 2.0

Y’know, I’ve always thought that this whole thing about the web turning into a more sociable thing was a pretty awesome development.. But, y’know how sometimes women just have a way of leading you into temptation? Well, for ages now I’ve had an account on this site called Facebook and haven’t really known what to do with it.. Well, a couple of days Zascha added me as a friend on there and I got to poking around on the site, discovering the options and possibilities and furthermore discovering that all my friends from Uni and elsewhere were on there.. And for the last couple of days now, I haven’t been able to get off the damn site – despite having way better things to spend my time on.

It seems whenever I try to turn away, I get dragged into some silly trivia game, get involved in a pirates vs ninjas battle, or get some ridiculous picture of myself uploaded and tagged by someone else.. And I’m like “HALP! I have other things to do, I need to get to work, I need to pay attention to school.. Hey, this is fun!”

Oh well, if anybody needs me, I’ll be on Facebook.


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