Woop! Last night was our first official Thursday bar night at the Student House. I had honestly been expecting at least somewhat of a crowd to show up, but I must admit I was mildly surprised by the actual amount of people who showed up. In an attempt to draw at least some people in right from the start, we were serving up free beers from 8 – 8:30 PM, thinking maybe 15-20 odd people would show up. In reality, about 50 people showed up and that number only grew with time. At one point, I guesstimated that we were about 75 people in the room.. Awesome!

Unfortunately, our thing apparently clashed with a concert at a local club, so we lost a whole bunch of people at around 10 PM.. But then again, we sorta are trying to cooperate with local bars and clubs, so in that aspect I guess we did well.. Would’ve been nice if they’d stayed for another round of beers, though 😉

I had the pleasure of working the night as not only manager but also fire safety inspector, so the night was a pretty sobering experience for me. I allowed myself a couple of beers but never more than one per hour. In some ways it was a pretty frustrating experience, being sober and watching other people get smashed and goof about.. In other ways, it was one hell of a funny experience. Lemme tell you, drunk people are fucking funny!

But, of course, I couldn’t stay sober all night. And when my shift was up at midnight, Dunkel and I decided to do something about my disturbingly sober appearance. So we went back to my place to my place to pick up some booze before moving on to his apartment. I didn’t much feel like bringing an entire bottle, though, so we settled for mixing a couple of drinks for the road. As it turned out, I didn’t really have any plastic glasses, bottles or anything, so our choice fell upon an empty 700 ml pickles jar I had laying around. As it turned out, it made for a pretty good well drink for people on the move when filled with rum, mixers and ice cubes.. So off to Dunkel’s we went where we proceeded to get drunk to a point where we were both singing along to “Baker Street” and other classics.

As a result, I staggered homewards at around 4:30 Friday morning and felt less that up for the task when I woke at 11 AM this morning knowing that I had a house to clean, dinner to cook and other fancy activities.. Looking forward to the Oktoberfest party at the Uboat tonight, I hear that beer brings relief.


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