Apparently, when I cook while recovering from a night of partying, my usual concept of mixing food and alcohol becomes somewhat more pronounced. At any rate, my somewhat simple plan of cooking up a standard Hungarian gullash dish for Tina and Christian turned into a red wine laced, cognac infused mashup featuring a third of a bottle of Pinot Noir and a healthy shot of cognac for good measure.. I heard no complaints, though. Except maybe a bit of groaning from Christian and I who had volunteered to carry the gullash/wine/cognac mashup from my stove to Tina’s apartment some 3 kilometers away. The reason we found ourselves carrying meat dishes through Central Kolding was that the three of us were heading to an Oktoberfest party at the Uboat later and since Tina needed to get all beautified for the occasion, she thought it easier to eat at her place and face a relatively short walk to uni.

As it turned out, the food was well worth the walk and after a few glasses of the left over Pinot and an Argentinian Malbec Reserva courtesy of Christian, we’d soon forgotten about the hardships of our journey. We hung out, ate, chatted, drank and were merry for a while before finally heading towards the Uboat where we were greeted by a large, cheery, drunken mob who shared handshakes, hugs, kisses (thank you, Kenny!) bear hugs (thanks again, Kenny!)  and what have you. The Oktoberfest is traditionally one of the busiest (and rowdiest) days/evenings for the Uboat and this day was no exception.. People in lederhosen, suspenders and hats everywhere, large pitchers of beer, German songs, crowd singing and all that jazz.

Naturally, I got shitfaced pretty quickly, and was soon taking part in all the rowdiness which amongst other stupidity included many a Pferd dance – a Uboat exclusive featuring drunken idiots dancing in line behind a toy horse – this time both with and without pants. We ended up hanging in there until about 3:30 AM or thereabouts where a staggering Christian Bo announced that the bar would be closing. After this, I staggered homewards by ways of my favorite late night kebab place. Sadly, my go-to-guy was all out of kebab, so I ended up feasting on everybody’s favorite vegan meal.. Falafel! Which luckily tasted awesome as well.. Though I’d have probably have said that about just about everything at that time and in my condition.

As a result of my actions yesterday, I’ve been spending most of the day on the couch, recovering and once again contemplating never digging into mass quantities of beer. Tonight I might once again be off for the Uboat to watch the football game between Denmark.. and uh.. some other country.. Spain, I think.. Zascha, HALP! 😉


One response to “Oktoberfest!

  1. There are three kinds of women:

    the pretty ones

    the ugly ones

    and the blondes…

    (trad.by lapa)

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