Working 09 – 12, what a way to make a living.

I’ve reached a conclusion all by myself.. 15 hour work days are no fun! I’ve a completely new-found respect for people, such as a certain blonde prodigal friend, who works a shitload of hours five days a week and moans and gripes far less than I do.. Me, I’ve decided that I’ve gotten too old for this crap 😉

Okay, maybe in retrospect taking on three jobs in one day, working both on Virtual museum, the student house and a bunch of applications and paperwork then ending the day with a brisk 5 hours run at GLS was a bit of an ambitious idea.. But that’s what fall break should be all about, right? 15 hour work days? No? Oh well.. Anyways, I’m trying to get work out of the way as quickly as possible so I can focus on my pile of school work and a family birthday this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have time for a day off as well, this supposedly being a week off from studies and all 😉

Honestly, I can’t complain too much.. At least I’m not bored and I finally received, signed and returned my employment contract with the University of Southern Denmark which means I can actually start to get paid now.. And apparently also effectively making me an employee of the Danish State.. Weird, eh? Never thought that was gonna happen to me.

Oh, well, can’t talk nonsense all night, should be getting to bed, I’m cold, wet, sore and annoyed.. Bed good! And why is it that at times burns and other injuries first start hurting a couple of days after you receive them.. How annoying!


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