I can has girlfriend/marriage?

Yay for days off! And I actually almost managed to keep the entire day off, save an hour and a half of work on the Virtual Museum project.. Oh and a bar shift and some other stuff tonight.. But that doesn’t really count as work now, does it? 😉

Spend the day with Tina which was nice despite us both having work to do.. It’s just nicer to do stuff with other people, even the tedious tasks such as an hour and a half’s worth of copying and pasting. But of course we managed to have fun, too, running around downtown acting like the merry idiots that we are at times (he writes as Tina bounces by to the tune of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell!”), shopping groceries for dinner, picking up conditioners and trying out new clothes for Tina at one of those “we’re shutting down shop, but we’re not really gonna tell you about it” sales.. Where we probably managed to come off as a totally married couple, doing our usual routine of me assessing Tina’s potential purchases, telling her which she can buy, which to leave behind and how many items she can generally get, then bickering back and forth about prices and items to the point where I’m nearly booted from the shop on grounds of me being bad for business.

Anyways, so yea, we got a pretty little shirt and headed home to do some cooking for dinner, finish up on things here, bicker a bit more and talk back and forth which Zascha on the phone for about half an hour.. All while continuing to bicker back and forth with eachother of course.. Which probably served to confuse Zascha quite a bit.. As of right now we’re getting ready to eat, then head down to the Student House for a nice and quiet little bar night.. Should be tons fun.. More updates later!


8 responses to “I can has girlfriend/marriage?

  1. Lukker butikken? 😦

  2. Så vidt jeg forstod, lukker Combein.. Engang næste år åbenbart.. Men Himmelblå overtager åbenbart Style Butler..? Og det skræmmer mig, at jeg ved den slags.

  3. haha.. jeg aner ikk engang hvad hverken Combein og Style Butler er… 😛

  4. …andet end…at det jo selvfølgelig er tøjbutikker…men hvor de ligger og hvad de har og tilbyde af tøj…aner jeg ikke.

  5. Combein er en tøjbutik der ligger over for den Blå ved siden af yndlingskebabsnedkeren.. Style Butler er et mærke 😉

    33% tøs represent!

    Eller.. Jeg mener.. Det aner jeg selvfølgelig ikke en skid om..

  6. Super tøs… God jeg har dig til at holde mig opdateret 😉 I det mindste har jeg ikke bedt dig om at købe tøj for mig endnu… Det har jeg Tinaen til.

    Mange hilsner og knus herfra

  7. Nej, jeg nøjes med skoene.. Tinaen snakkede faktisk om i går, at jeg måske skulle gøre det, men jeg konkluderede, at det bare ville gå galt og/eller se forkert ud 😉

    Knus right back at ya, smukke – hyggeligt med en snak i går, håber humøret holder 🙂

  8. aaah.. så blev man da så klog. haha! ikk at jeg kan bruge det til meget. men går sgu heller ikk ud fra at du kan bruge det til supermeget 😛

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