Borrowed internet

So, for some reason our wireless internet decided to pop out last night and not return.. Not really too sure what happened as I haven’t been able to get a hold of the people upstairs (the hotspot owners).. All I know is that it’s somewhat of a nuisance for me. I’m able to log onto the neighbors open hotspot which seems awesomely fast and all, only the hotspot is pretty damn far away and hidden behind at least a couple of solid brick walls.. So I’m barely able to get a signal..

Which has led to some interesting situations.. Such as me having to do some school work online with Christian this morning and in therefor being forced to camp out on a chair in the kitchen which was the only place I was capable of getting a signal.. Which wouldn’t have been too bad, had I only had decent chairs that could somehow be aligned with the kitchen table.. Bummer, but oh well, I managed. After that was all said and done, I did some offline work on our little research project and then went down to the Student House for the Tuesday cafe.. Where I also managed to log onto the net.

Apparently we’re major morons.. We’ve spend all this time trying to raise and save money for an internet hotspot for students when we’ve apparently been covered by the municipality’s hotspot all along. All people need is a library code and a pin code in order to log on.. Which is something all students can get for free.. Doh! Oh well, that’s one problem less to worry about. I would, however, like to go home soon.. Internet or no internet, the Johan is getting hungry!

And for some reason, we’ve got visitors down here still this Tuesday, so for once we can’t actually just shut down shop and go home.. Hmm.. All work and no food makes Johan a tired boy.. *yawnies*


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