The longest day

What a long day.. I feel like it’s been going on forever and that a shitload of stuff has gone down. First off, I went to school from 9 AM – 2 PM, doing all sorts of fancy stuff like a group presentation with Christian which wasn’t really much of a group presentation and a hell of a lot of semantic XHTML.. Which is about as boring as it sounds.

Then Christian and I worked quite a bit on our statement of problems for our a project assignment we’ll be working on this fall/early winter. Apparently we have to write 28 pages each, so that makes a total of 56 pages for the two of us.. Yay! I then did some shopping and went home to clean and do dishes before our marathon meeting at the student house lasting from 5:30 -7 PM and followed by an introduction to our new mixer unit by some sound tech guy from the design school.. I’ve only just now had dinner.. at 10 PM. Lovely.. I think I’ll pass out soon!

Amongst other things that happened today, the Danish prime minister has apparently decided to hold a general election on 13 November.. I feel like there should be a law against something like that.. 3 weeks for the opposition to put together a campaign strategy? Que? And three weeks for me to figure out who to vote for.. And put on an election night at the student house? Argh!

Speaking of the Student House, I’ve helped work on an application for some financial support for the house from a board of representatives from various schools and institutions around town.. Apparently it was well-received and we can probably count on a fair bit of support next year.. Awesome! Okay, I’m entirely too tired to go on, this has probably been just a bunch of useless information, but I did keep my promise of writing a blog post today.


8 responses to “The longest day

  1. Figure out who to vote for?! What?! Haven’t I thought you anything? Clearly, you should vote for my fantastic, new employer 😉 Duh…

  2. Naw, babe, you obviously haven’t *thought* me anything.. You may have *taught* me a thing or two, though.. Sorry, couldn’t help it, my posts are probably chug full of spelling mistakes as well 😉

    And I’m most certainly not voting for those bastards before Dan agrees to my master plan and lets you fly back here and help me sort my life out! 😀

  3. Sorry.. Was tired when I worte you – thought, taguht.. same difference. Can’t promise anything about Dan, don’t think they can deal with it all without me 😉

  4. See, that’s entirely my problem as well.. And I had you first! Damn you, Dan! Damn you and your blood money! 😉

    And hey, I’m actually considering voting for your new employers.. I’m so willing to escape the current government that I’m actually considering voting tactically rather than with ye olde colde heart.

  5. Yeah, well I just changed my mind about them actually due to the whole tactical thing about wanting to work together with R and then maybe the Conservatives and NA. I don’t really get that attitude, why not SF??? Think I’m gonna vote the same as always…R

  6. I’d much rather see them working with SF as well.. Conservatives? No thanks! I’d go for SF myself, but Villy.. Nah.. So, as for right now.. No clue.. Might go for R as well, but I’d have to look into their policies and stuff.. I almost can’t be bothered.. But then, I can’t be bothered with the current government either.

  7. Villy is cool! But you can check out which party you agree with on They have a questioneer on their site.

  8. Hehe.. 70% Ø, I can’t say I didn’t see that coming.. Other than that, I’m pretty close to SF (67%) and R (65%) .. Well, Ø it won’t be this time around due to the whole youth house, autonomist stance..

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