Two Minutes To Midnight

Lets hear it for Johan!! A Thursday evening spent, at the student house, even, without consuming a single alcoholic beverage! The reason for such odd behavior? Well, for starters,  I didn’t have any cash on me. Secondly, I wasn’t feeling too hot (struggling with a cold and other funny stuff) and lastly I was also trying to act as manager and fire safety person.. Which for a change actually involved a bit of running around.. So, water and coffee was my fuel for the evening.

All in all, it was quite a cozy day, regardless of the shocking lack of alcohol. I’d spend the morning at school and the early afternoon doing some group work with Christian, the rest of the afternoon, I spend at Tina’s, pitying her for being sickies, making her cups of her beloved wonder treatment, camomile tea, and cooking her up dinner consisting of pretty much everything that was supposed to do her body good.. And my own body good for that matter as I was starting to feel a wee bit wobbly myself.

At around 7 PM, we went on down to the student house where we met up with Jakob and bitched back and forth with him for a while on some general rules before agreeing to disagree and take it up on a meeting in the future. We then hung out, waiting for the others to arrive and the party to get started. Once again we were handing out free beers from 8 – 8:30 PM and hoping for quite the crowd to show up. That, unfortunately, didn’t happen as only about 30 or so people showed up. We were a little ambivalent as to whether we should feel bummed or just enjoy that we were having a really good time with the people who showed up and that people seemed to enjoy themselves. I’m sure if I were feeling better, I’d have opted for the latter, but when you’re feeling shitty and don’t really wanna be in the place you’re in, I’m sure it’s hard not to feel a bit bummed out.

So, how did I spend my night? Well, I spend a fair amount of time drinking coffee, supervising a bit and talking to people. I also, believe it or not, spend a large bit of the evening helping Martin with DJ’ing. As it turns out, one of the major problems we’ve had at the house is the discussion of which music to play and which not to play. As it turns out, people from the design school are crazy about electronic music whereas the people from uni pretty much despise electronic music and prefer rock/pop, genres which the people from the design school in turn don’t much care for.. Which has led to one of the biggest cases of bickering and moaning I’ve heard in quite a while. Pretty much no matter what we play, we’re bound to get some sort of complaint, suggestion or loud drunken outcry from the crowd.

Which, of course, is just lame.. I mean, I’m not much of a fan of electronic music, but I won’t complain if a couple of electronic songs are played. Some guests at the house will, just as some other guests are more than likely to complain about the pop/rock songs being played.. I mean,  how about at least a little bit of open-mindedness? On the other hand, I am, in turn, a fan of hard rock music but wise enough not to play it in a crowd of this type. Some fans of hardcore electronic music apparently don’t have this level of distinction and are more than happy to storm the DJ area and put on the (in my mind) weirdest types of music which is more than likely to drive certain uni people away.. And see no problem in this, because, hey, their 5-10 friends really dig it.. Who’d have thunk that music would be such an issue.

The solution at the moment is to have certain people take care of the music and make sure that it’s as diverse as possible, which is of course not an easy task with such a mixed audience, but we actually pretty much succeeded last night, doing a mix of happy go lucky electronic dance music, rock, a bit of pop, some classics, 80’s pop and some random weirdness.. So kudos to Martin for selecting some awesome tracks to please everybody.. And kudos to us for screwing up the seamless mixing together of tracks and completely ignoring requests and comments 😉

So, yea, good times.. And I think for the first time around we managed to please pretty much everybody.. Even the metalheads who went crazy when at 11:58 PM we decided to blast Iron Maiden’s classic “Two Minutes To Midnight”, a move which baffled just about everybody, but left about 5-10 people extremely pleased. We figured it was a good way of signing off and thanking the rock people for sticking through.. It may not have been entirely reasonable or fair.. But hey, we were in charge 😀 .. And it did provide a pretty good way of ending the evening and clearing out the place which was emptying out pretty nicely as I staggered homewards for a few hours of interrupted, pointless sleep which mostly consisted of waking every five to ten minutes to blow my nose and moan a bit.

Today, things are a little better than yesterday, but I’m still definitely not up to par. I really hope I’m not coming down with something as I really don’t have the time for being sick right now.. Blah! Ah well, at least spirits are still up..


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