Good friends and a bag full of beers

So, a surprisingly calm and easy day for Johan.. I started out at 9 AM with “Open Web” classes where I was forced into doing a presentation about new government initiatives on using open standards for data exchanges between government institutions.. Uhh, yea.. The most positive thing to say about that was probably that our professor bought us coffee and rolls before the presentation.. The whole presentation thing generally just went down in flames and the role playing conditions under which it was performed pretty much just made me feel like an idiot.

After that horrible performance, I sat through a couple of web architecture classes followed by our semi-regular meeting with Mr Granlie concerning the Virtual Museum Project.  I then sat down for to do some work on said Virtual Museum project, an effort which was interrupted pleasantly by Zascha after a frustrating hour of debugging. I do love her calls, and we managed to chat away for about 40 minutes, good times!

Finally, at around 4 PM, Christian and I called it a day, took a break from work and studies and headed off to go shopping for dinner with Tina. We ended up picking up a huge slap of beef, some beers and about a thousand things that Tina just happened to need. The idea was that since Tina was having people over again tomorrow, I’d cook for two people extra.. Well, three, it turned out, Christian and I only heard two extra people but apparently she’s having two people over tomorrow.. Bummer! At any rate, we figured I’d just cook dinner for eight and then hopefully that’d be enough..

As it turns out, we weren’t quite right. I don’t know what it is with us friends and (over)eating, but as it turns out, the three of us ate enough food to leave doubts whether Tina would have enough for three people tomorrow.. Whoops! But either way, I had fun, cooking up dinner, having a few beers with Tina and Christian, listening to music, eating ourselves fat and happy and then watching a movie (Blinkende Lygter, if you must know). At 10-ish PM, both Tina and I started malfunctioning, and it was decided that it’d probably be better if I just headed on home. Christian, apparently, was spending the night at Tina’s since him and I have (surprise) classes tomorrow at 9.. At least we’re not bored! And I suppose that means I’d better get my ass to bed. It’s promising to be another one of those 9 – midnight days tomorrow.. Yay.. At least my final chore will be at the student house which should at least be fun!

Goodnight to all and to all a good night!


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