Is this cheating?

Right, I’m probably gonna get slammed for writing such a short post. On the other hand, I’d probably get slammed anyways for not updating.. But what’s a boy to do? Between 6 hours of sstudying, a manager shift at the student house and a 8 – 12 shift at GLS.. When’s a boy to find time to update his blog?

Geeze, this has been a busy few weeks and with me being sickies last week, it’s not actually getting any easier to get everything done. Oh well, hopefully a couple of more insanely packed and focused days and I’ll be back on track. Looking forward to tomorrow and Friday, though. Tomorrow I’m hanging out with Tina and Christian and Friday I’ll be at the Uboat for the traditional J-day.. More on that later, or check  the back archives from November last year 😉 Sunday I’d really wanted to go see Kolding FC play an away game against Silkeborg, but somehow the reasonable part of me figured that’d be a bad move and that I’d better stay behind and catch up on work.. What’s wrong with me?! Anyways, at least the game is televised, so I can catch it anyways, I suppose.

Oh well, honestly, I’m knackered.. And I’ve got early classes tomorrow.. Not too cool considering it’s right now just past 1:50 AM.. Crap! Sleepy time!


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