Time to go to sleep

It really is way past my bedtime.. However, in the interest of trying to keep up with my daily updates and blatantly ignoring my ever increasing lack of sleep, I wanted to post a small update and just say that I had an awesome night at the Student House tonight. Despite being stressed out, sleep deprived and ending up landing a four hour shift behind the bar, it was all good. We didn’t have the largest crowd but people were happy, joyful, and talkative only if they were stopping by for just a single beer or two..

In essence I was reminded once again why we keep fighting and working our asses off for this house. It really means a lot to me when people from town, or out of town, heck even from out of the country come up to me and tell me that we’ve helped greatly improve their perception of this town.. It’s what we’ve been trying to do and when we actually receive feedback saying that we’re doing a much better job at it than established student houses in cities twice our size and more, well.. That just makes an old Johan feel good!

And now, I really am off to bed.. Gots me a lot to worry about tomorrow, so a couple of hours of sleep will do the old body (and mind) good!


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