You’ll never cough alone

Okay, so.. Fall sucks! I’ve been stuck with a hellish cough all day, which has sent me into coughing fits every few minutes for the entire day which says a lot since I’ve kinda been up since 8 AM on my supposed day off as Christian and I not only had to work on our assignment for a couple of hours, I also had to do some work on the now dreaded Virtual Museum Project as well as catch up on some school work.

Oh, and I also had a photo session thing at uni which I’d conveniently forgotten all about which send me into a bit of panic when I received a reminder at 9 AM and realized I had to be at uni at 1. Oh well, Christian and I got cracking, finished off, Christian dashed off to his next destination while I got cracking on some school projects. At 12:30, I then dashed off to uni to meet up with some people and a photographer. Apparently the setting was that they needed some IT students for some promotional material – both BA student and Master students. As I was the only Master student showing up (thanks, Tine!), I was kinda flying solo on our behalf which meant I had to pose for solo shots as I couldn’t well be mixed in with the other crowd.

As some of you will know, I’m generally notoriously un-photogenic and not much of a fan of having my picture taken, so you can probably imagine how much (little, that is) I enjoyed this whole experience. As soon as we’d finished, I ran off again, not looking back to check out the pictures. I was told they were actually pretty good and OK’d by the people in charge of the event – I’ll believe that when I see them (which will hopefully be never).

When I’d finally escaped the claustrophobic grip of the photographer, I dashed off to Tina’s as I’d agreed to spend the afternoon with her. The poor, poor chicklet has come down with a rough case of pneumonia, but still we’d agreed to do some homework together, which turned into a bit of a joke as we were both coughing our lungs up, sneezing, harking and feeling sorry for ourselves while drinking gallons of tea and moaning quietly in our respective corners.. I mean, you try concentrating on homework when you’re quite busy feeling sorry for yourself 😉

Eh well, we did manage to make the best of it and I did manage to cook up a batch of my homemade chicken noodle soup for us which admittedly did some good. At least it provided a fair bit of heat.. and/or pepper, I think 😉 We were eventually joined by Tina’s boyfriend, Jakob, who for the occasion had decided to communicate mainly using combinations of the words “Mmm” and “Hmm” until he turned on the TV and regained quite a bit of his vocabulary as he felt forced to spend about 45 minutes bitching about his home team and their efforts in the National Soccer League.

I felt compelled to leave the dear couple at around 8 PM as I had to get home and finish up on the last bit of homework and an hour’s worth of work or something before tomorrow. So that’s where I am now, completely ignoring these tasks and blogging pointlessly instead.. Hmm, I should stop that!

Btw, it’s raining, too, don’t we all just love rain? No, not really! Bah! Fall is humbug! 😉


2 responses to “You’ll never cough alone

  1. yeah, well at least you’re in DK. I’m bored shitless here!

  2. Well, if you got my sms this morning, you’ll know that we have more than enough shit to spare.. Literally! Eek! 😉

    Anyways, I’m sorry, babe, wish we could be there to show you a good time (and a cough) or you could be here.. Or well, you will be here.. Maybe we should keep you!

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