Election debate

Man, what a day. In honor of next Tuesday being general election day here in Denmark, we spent this evening putting on an election debate at the Student House featuring candidates from all major Danish parties. It was good fun in that mindless vote harvesting “lets suck up to everybody in order to gain votes” kinda way, but at least the candidates were fired up, opinionated and actually pretty funny.. Definitely a lot of friendly poking about and quite a few political stereotypes as well.

Anyways, the debate was from 6:30 – 9:30 PM and I was at the house from about 4 PM setting up along with a couple of other good people.. So as you can imagine I was pretty spend when I finally arrived home after a bit of quick cleaning up as well. Especially since I had been working at home since 10 AM as well.. At least it wasn’t 9 – midnight this time around and I even have a bit of time for kicking back and relaxing before bed.. Which I’ll do now instead of wasting your time with mindnumbingly irrelevant updates 😉


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