What the deuce?

Ever have one of those experience that are just fucked up and make no sense at all? Me, I get them a lot.. So, anyways, yea. I had work at GLS tonight. Show up in good time as always, feel a little wobbly and sit down for a while to clear my head, cough a bit and get ready for the escapades ahead – Yea, I’m still struggling with my cold.. Anywho, as I’m sitting there coming to grips with myself, I notice one of our fancy company envelopes which just happens to be lying around, sporting my name.. I stare at it for a while until my boss goes “Oh, right, yea” and tosses it at me.

I open the envelope and find it to be containing nothing but a sleeve of sorts and dumbfounded I start to shake whatever’s inside out into my hand. Imagine my surprise when out pops a 1989 8″ vinyl single edition of Queen’s “I Want It All” .. No explanation, no nothing, just an 18 year-old copy of a song which just so happens to be one of my favorite, if not THE favorite, Queen song ever.. Well, color me confused! Not really knowing what to do and having spent a decent amount of time looking around for possible hidden cameras (and finding none bar the usual security cameras), I shrugged, pocketed the new-found gem and wrote a message for Zascha who I knew would appreciate the weirdness and coolness of my new present.

What an odd day out. I’ll keep you updated on any further developments in this case and the mystery world that is my life. In other news, we got to pick Christmas pressies  today! Working for GLS is kinda odd in the way that not only do we usually get  pretty cool Christmas presents, we also  get to pick our own present from a list of various options.  This years options included such options a gardening set (spade, shears and all), a set of various cooking utensils, a fondue set plus a couple of bottles of wine, two unisex jackets, 4 x movie tickets, a set of plates and dishes for tapas or a beer pack.. Well, you had me at beer. So this year I’ll be getting four pint glasses, four matching schnapps glasses, a cookbook featuring beer-related recipes, 3 pints of quality beer (but there were four glasses, not fair!)  .. oh and a bag of beer nuts!

Not too shabby, really. The other gifts were arguably more expensive and maybe nicer, but shit, I really didn’t have any use for them.. And who wouldn’t want a couple of brews? And the glasses looked pretty nice as well, I’ve actually been meaning to get some of such size and shape, so there we go. I might not need the schnapps glasses, though, as I’ve got about 16 of those to begin with.. But hey, variation is nice, right? And finally, the cookbook should be pretty good for inspiration for more alcohol infused meals.. Can’t wait!

Can’t wait to go to sleep either, so guess where I’m off to? Thanks for sticking through another confuddled late night rant. One of these days I’m gonna try to post something before midnight just to see what that’s all like.


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