Sleep is for suckers!

I think I may still be drunk, so apologies in advance for incoherentness, I’ve had a wild weekend of much alcohol consumption and very little sleep. The whole charade started at 3 PM Friday when Christian and I went back to my place for a few beers, and ended on Saturday at around 10 PM when I eventually fell asleep after keeping it going for well over 24 hours straigt, a seemingly impossible feat at my age.

In between, a ton of fun was had by all! As mentioned, Christian and I warmed up with a couple of beers. Tina then showed up and drove us off to a small town on the east coast called Varde, making sure to pick up Morten on the way. WhyVarde? Well, Christians parents live in Varde and they’d invited us over for dinner.. And what a dinner it was. Immediately when we arrived, we were greeted by his parents and a drinks order – dry martini, thank you very much! We then sat around in comfy couches, chatting for a while until our three course dinner was ready.

Christian’s mom said something about being nervous about cooking for me since she’d heard so many good things about my cooking. She neededn’t have been nervous, though: The first dish was a spicy, garlic-y peach (yes, peach!) and coconut milk soup featuring shrimp and various herbs. The combination was about as odd as it sounds, but it worked really well. I felt bad about leaving the shrimp, though, I just can’t bring myself to eat them.

Raising the bar, the next dish was beef tenderloin (my absolute favorite cut) with baked potatoes, spicy garlic/carrot salad (another unusual hit!) and steamed broccoli served with honey-sweetened greek yogurt with balsamic vinegar, raisins and red onions (I’m copying this recipe!) Following this incredible feast, was apple/chocolate pie topped with either walnuts of pecans, we’re still left wondering, served with vanulla ice cream and served up with a glass of sparkling Moscato d’Asti. Yum!

After dinner, we sat down with the remaining red wine and talked over a cup of coffee (or tea) and a glass of armagnac (or two) for those who felt like it. At this time, I was getting a little giddy because I knew that Zascha was now in the country and doing whatever she could to find her way to where we were by the help of Zascha’s Tina’s brother whom we’d bribed to play the role of driver. She did, after some initial confusion, find her way to where we were and all were happy to see her. Big hugs were exchanged, especially when we found out that she was carrying a bag full of Belgian beers (kidding, babe, thanks though!). The time was now approaching 11 PM and Christian’s parents were about ready to go to bed after having said hi to Zascha and fed her some soup. They eventually did so, picking up a pair of beers for the walk. What style!

The rest of us ended up sitting up talking till way into the wee hours, eventually losing Tina, Morten and Zascha to sweet, blissful sleep. Christian and I hung in there the longest and I do believe it wasn’t until somwhere around 7 AM that Christian threw in the towel. Knowing by now that an hour of sleep would do me more bad than good, I opted to just stay up, do some dishes and smash a glass (whoops, sorry) until the rest of the house got back up.. Which happened around 8:30, and they looked only remotely surprised to see me up and awake, I might add.

We kicked off the day with breakfast with Christian’s parents, then filed into Tina’s car and headed back towards Kolding.. All of us except Christian, that is, he was staying behind – and was, by the way, completely out cold when we left. There are a lot of things to be said about a 45 minute drive along the highway after a night of drinking – none of them very pleasant, so I’ll spare you the details. Suffice to say is that I managed to keep my breakfast down despite some worries at one time.

I was finally back home at around 10 AM and went to deposit my stuff at my apartment. Notice that I didn’t say sleep – no, as mentioned earlier, sleep is for suckers.. And besides, I had an appointment at 1 PM, so who had time for sleep? More on that in the next post, though.


2 responses to “Sleep is for suckers!

  1. hmm as far as I recall it was Kim, Tina’s brother who drove me 😉

  2. Yea, yea, I’m getting to it.. Sheesh, don’t all point out my mistakes at once! 😉

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