Sleep is for suckers! – Continued..

So, continuing my last post, I arrived home at around 10 AM, I took the time to dump my stuff, and had a cup of water. Then I grabbed my money and stuff and headed off to meet up with Zascha, Tina and Tine at a store downtown to scratch some shopping itch that Zascha’s been carrying around for a while. Despite not really understanding what was going on, I had a pretty good time standing around looking confuddled while the girls did their shopping thing.. I somehow missed shopping with the girls.. Wait, that came out kinda weird, maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

Anyways, after help spending way too much of Zascha’s money, the four of us went to a café that Zasha and I visited shortly before her departure and had our regular round of nachos and water. I found it in myself to pay for Zascha’s part as she’d just spent a fuckload of money on clothes. We then finished up and headed towards my second most important destination of the day, Domhuset, and the traditional warm-up before an important Kolding FC home game. I was happy to note that Zascha loved the place about as much as the rest of us, and with all the other guys there or showing up slowly, we were all soon in a pretty good mood despite most of us having partied all night.

Sadly, neither Tine nor Zascha could join us for the game, so as we headed off towards the stadium, they haded home. The rest of us, about 25 strong, made way towards the stadium in our usual singing fashion.. Or at least we got to singing when we got close, we sang and shouted a bit as well while waiting for beers and sausages at the stadium and quickly made our way towards the old wooden stands where we’re traditionally positioned. After gathering the troops here, we commenced on the old tradition of singing the players onto the field, one song at the time, a move which is starting to get people quite fired up.

As is tradition, we kept singing throughout the entire ordeal. And quite loudly I might add! As good old Champ and I rode our horses across the field to get beers, we quite loudly heard the roar of the wooden stands while waiting around.. Awesome!

Generally, the game was coplete utter mayhem. The beers were plentiful, the mood was awesome, the crowd was quiet at first – but then gave it their all. The last 60 minutes of the game or so were filled with non-stop singing, dancing around, people showing skin and what have you. At some point about 20 of us were jumping and dancing about on the stands with our shirts off, singing and screaming, not giving two fucks about this being mid-November, and then falling into a frenzied, semi-naked Pferd conga line in front of (and across) the stands as Kolding finally scored.

Needless to say, this got people entirely fired up and for the second half, Kolding Pferd Fraction and Woodside United played the role of total idiots much to the amusement of the general spectator and the boys on the field. This, by the way, is the first time in probably forever, I’ve been sweating while running around shirtless (and shoeless at times) in fucking November. Our voices were getting quite the workout as well, as I once again got noise complaints from people outside of the stadium – this time specifically targeting my voice.. Hmm! Come on, I’m no loud mouth!

The result of the game was a 3 – 0 victory for Kolding which resulted in much more cheering, screaming and thrashing on the Woodside side of stadium. The players returned our efforts by cheering us on and running up to the stands, throwing us high-fives and shaking hands with us. We spend probably about the next ten minutes going crazy and cheering as much as we could. We then walked together in a large, singing mob across stadium, through the cafeteria (lotsa weird looks there) and down to the players’ locker room where we stood screaming and jumping for about 10 minutes, cheering for Jan Hede, a departing player, until he came out to shake hands and say thanks for which we rewarded him with more senseless screaming and yelling!

We eventually made our way back through the streets of Kolding, screaming and singing still, to Domhuset where we entered cheering like idiots and creating a right mess as people picked up and suddenly just had the whole place rocking for minutes on end. We then sat down, ordered a few beers and went through our usual routine of talking, analyzing the game, drinking beer and breaking out into song ever so often. At about 7 PM, I decided to finally call it quits after 24+ hours of partying with just a small breakfast truce thrown in for good measure.

I excited in normal KPF fashion, being clapped out by the boys, then raising my hands for three cheers as I walked out the door.  Then went to the local greasy spoon for an order of a double bacon cheeseburger and fries to go. A lovely meal which was consumed at home over one last beer before I gave in and surrendered to sweet, sweet sleep. I was woken once during the night by a call from Emelie which I’m sad to report that I don’t remember much of except she was kinda upset and that talking to me helped.. How that’s possible, I’m not sure, but my hoarse, confused, sleepy, drunken slurs may have proven interesting.. I hope things are better now, though 🙂

The end result was some 12 hours of sweet, blissful sleep which did me good.. And of course a sore, broken body and a hoarse throat to boot. I’m never doing this again! *cough*


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