Election day in Denmark. I’m excited. Hopeful. Fearful, too, at times. Fearful that we will end up with a simple mirror of our current government. Hopeful that the incredible progress shown by the socialists over the last couple of weeks will be showing in the results.. And oh so very hopeful that we will see a change of government within the next couple of days.  So what’s so bad about the old one? Well, I think Zeb says it pretty well:

But what is so wrong with the current government? I hear you ask.
-They haven’t done jack for the environment, and won’t in the future.
-They are backed by the National Socialists Nationalist Peoples’ Party (DF), who are basically Nazi-wannabes.
-They don’t care about human rights, and have an insanely harsh immigration view.
-They are a US lapdog.
-They joined the US in a war that wasn’t approved by the UN (Sure Saddam was a bad person, but you have to let the UN do their work!)
-They are giving more to those who have, and piss on those who don’t have much.

Then what are the key features to guide ones vote?
-Environment. We have to live up to the guidelines given by the EU, they are there for a reason. Only the social liberals (Radikale Venstre) have enough ambition in this area, sure others have this on the agenda too, but not enough imo.
-Human Rights. Denmark have agreed to follow this ideology. So please remove the 24year rule etc.
-Getting a more critical view on the US.
-Getting rid of the Nazi-wannabes (DF).
-Get a government who won’t ignore the UN.

Well, I can’t say I fully agree with the point about only the Social Liberals caring enough about the environment. The Unity List and the Socialist Peoples’ Party have quite a few ambitions on this level as well.. And being more of a socialist than a liberal, I know where my vote is going.. Red is such a beautiful color anyways.

I can’t claim to know everything about politics, and I have a hard time believing what politicians say during campaign season anyways. I suppose what it boils down to is a basic feeling about what is right and what is wrong and in my mind things are not right at the moment.. So, New government now! Please!


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